New Champions for the Voiceless and Vulnerable

General Elections 2019 are now over and we have a new parliament ready to begin legislating the way forward for our country.  Here at Life we were not disappointed when the last parliament came to a premature end. In fact we breathed a sigh of relief as it was the most anti-life parliament we have ever witnessed. Its disrespect for democracy extended to imposing abortion on demand on the people of Northern Ireland despite the protests of their elected representatives. Had they continued, abortion would surely be available on demand without legal sanction in England and Wales.

But their time has ended and now begins the work of the new lawmakers. One in every three of the MPs elected last week are completely new to the House. They have a new slate. But will they stand on the side of the unborn and their vulnerable mothers or will they become infected by the pro-abortion disdain and trivialisation of human life, which pervaded the last parliament? Will they become pawns of the abortion industry and its self-righteous and intolerant ideological advocates who continually try to shut down any dissenting view?  We hope not.

With new beginnings come new hope. Hope that truth and compassion will win in the end. That society and its elected custodians will recognise that there are thousands of women in crisis who need help and support. That those tasked with representing the interests of women will facilitate their empowerment to continue with their pregnancy and stand firmly and bravely against the loud and aggressive abortion industry with all its institutional power and links. That from amongst this new parliament will arise new champions of the voiceless and vulnerable unborn who will refuse to be intimidated by the vocal anti-life lobby. We hope that they will question and challenge the emerging political culture favouring the destruction of life and take steps to reverse the scale of destruction that has seen almost 9 million lives ended since 1967.

While the elections resulted in the loss of seats of some abortion advocates, whose loss of employment will elicit no tears from us, there are still a significant vocal number of them that have returned. As they celebrated the imposition of abortion on Northern Ireland, Diana Johnson, who is back in the House, signalled the intention of the abortion lobby in parliament  to try to have section 58 and 59 of the Offences against the Persons Act repealed .  This repeal would remove abortion from the law and enable abortion on demand for any reason in England and Wales. The Domestic Abuse Bill, which will return to parliament in the new year, will be the intended target to add on amendments to achieve this. It is the same tactic which resulted in abortion becoming legal in Northern Ireland; identify a government bill that’s sure to pass, tack on an amendment,  then mobilise cross party support for it. It sadly worked with Northern Ireland and they hope it will work again for England and Wales.

We cannot stop the political plotting and scheming from the abortion industry and its allies. We expect them to do this. However it is also understandable that those who truly stand on the side of the unborn and their mothers will seek to protect their interests. To those MPs who sit on the fence with regards to this issue, we congratulate you on your election and we encourage to come off the fence and stand on the side of the unborn. Today technology proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, the humanity of the baby in the womb.  These are your constituents too. They have no voice but they seek your protection from the abortion industry. Join us in standing up for them.  It is the just and right thing to do.

To those MPs who have stood or will stand on the side of the unborn,  whether silently or vocally, we congratulate you on your election/re-election. We look forward to working with you to overcome old and new challenges. We will embrace hope of better days to come, as this parliament begins. It is after all, the season of hope.

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  1. Brian Crowe says:

    Wishing all at Life a very happy and peaceful Christmas, and a fruitful and blessed New Year.

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