Pregnancy Matters™ Online Service takes another step in the right direction!

One of the greatest achievements for Life in 2017 has been the success of our Pregnancy Matters™ online service.

In December 2016, we launched our social media advertising campaign which had a huge impact on the number of clients reaching us through our online pathways – both the Helpline and the Text to talk service saw a 100% increase in contacts. We are now reaching more clients online than ever before, at the moment when they need us most.

Highly enthused and excited by what we saw happening, we took another step forward and launched our Instagram and Facebook channels, giving our clients more choice in how they wanted converse with us.

Working closely with our Communication Teams over this past year we have been able to promote our service through fantastic videos and ad campaigns, which gave the client a better “window” to look through and see exactly what we could offer them.

And now just in time for Christmas and into the New Year we are taking another leap forward. From December 1st Pregnancy Matters™ Online are extending the opening time of the National Helpline, adding another 15 hours where clients can talk to one of our Counsellors or Skilled Listeners and access the help and support they need.

So remember from December 1st Monday to Friday – 9am to 6pm each day!

In the coming year, in addition to our face-to-face counselling, we will be reaching out via other online platforms to ensure that a positive alternative to abortion is presented to as many women as possible in their hour of need. This vital work truly saves lives and we are looking forward to the year ahead!

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  1. That is good news what I just red Hopefully things will be looking up

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