Promote research which does not destroy living human embryos

The national pro-life charity LIFE is concerned at the news today that British researchers are using stem cells from living human embryos to come up with a treatment for blindness.

LIFE Spokesman Mark Bhagwandin said: “We welcome research into ethical and safe treatments for people to overcome blindness. The treatment announced today which uses stems cells taken from living human embryos, is extremely unethical and cannot at this early stage be proven to be safe. Indeed the use of embryonic stem cells in trials involving animals has actually yielded dangerous results in the past.

Rather than raise the hopes of millions of people about an ethically unsound and possibly dangerous treatment, we should be investing in research where there has actually been strong progress in developing cures for blindness. The positive alternative to embryonic stem cells is adult stem cells for which there has been proven successes and quite significant progress in research around the world. Researchers have shown that they can use adult stem cells taken from their patients’ own bodies to cure them. In the UK there has been research taking place at the University of Southampton, the University of Newcastle and the University of Edinburgh to come up with treatments for various forms of blindness. It is studies like these which are ethically sound and promise safe outcomes for patients which we should be investing in and promoting as areas of hope for the millions who struggle with blindness.”

For further media comment please call the LIFE Media Hotline on 07867 744502


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