Protect women by rejecting Diana Johnson’s Bill

Life calls on parliamentarians who genuinely care about the health and safety of women to reject Diana Johnson’s bill which seeks to remove from criminal law, the termination of unborn children.

Ms Johnson announced today that her bill seeking to repeal Sections 58 and 59 of the Offences against the Persons Act (OAPA) will be presented to parliament on October 23.

Life’s Director of Education Anne Scanlan said “The clauses of the OAPA which Ms Johnson and her friends in the abortion industry want to remove actually protects women. This law has enabled the prosecution and conviction of men like Gil Magira who laced his wife’s sandwich and Edward Erin who spiked his lover’s drink, with drugs to cause a miscarriage.

It is clear why the abortion providers and their political allies want the removal of clauses 58 and 59 of the OAPA. It will result in total abortion on demand, an absolute dream for an industry which has twisted and violated the current laws for years and now want them gone altogether. It will pave the way for a dramatic rise in their over £100M annual income from taxpayers. MPs should be aware that it is the same monetary interest, and what was described as  “a cattle market culture”  in a CQC report on a Marie Stopes clinic, which has led to health and safety failures. The removal of abortion from the law means that abortion clinics will now be able to place the health and safety of women at risk without fear of any legal consequences.

With no reason needing to be given for an abortion, there will ultimately be cases where women are pressured to have abortions because the baby is a girl. The Mail revealed last week that a consultant was charging £14,000 to help couples choose the sex of the baby, something illegal under the current law. If these violations occur whilst we have laws on abortion, imagine what will happen when there are none.

Diana Johnson’s Bill must be rejected in the interest of women and we urge all MPs who are serious about protecting women, to have the courage to stand up to the abortion industry and say no to her bill.”


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