RCOG side with abortion industry and vote for abortion for any reason

Life are shocked at the decision taken by the Royal College of Gynecologists (RCOG) today to support total decriminalisation of abortion.

The RCOG’s General Council voted to support the removal of all criminal sanctions associated with abortion in the UK. Only 33 council members were allowed to vote on this important issue, despite the RCOG having 14,000 members, fellows and associates.

Life Spokeswoman Clara Campbell said: “It is shocking that a mere handful of RCOG representatives have decided such a crucial RCOG policy, while their vast membership were not given a vote. If the measures voted through were to be implemented, and all legal sanctions associated with abortion were removed, there would be no law stopping abortion up to the 7 month of pregnancy, and potentially up to birth if the Infant Life Preservation Act was scrapped also.

This is an extreme position made with secrecy behind closed doors. Last year, the Royal College of Midwives were slammed by the public and their membership after using shady and undemocratic tactics to adopt a position of decriminalisation.

The public have been outraged that RCOG President, Lesley Regan, compared abortion to the removal of a bunion in a national newspaper. It is an insidious and insulting comparison and shows she is out of touch with both the public and the rest of the medical profession.

The RCOG has long allied itself with the abortion industry, even promoting abortions overseas. This needs to be recognised by those in Parliament who will experience greater pressure to open the floodgates to abortion on demand in response to this vote. Despite the current UK legal restrictions on abortion, we have seen scandalous health and safety failures at abortion clinics prompting the Government to impose ratings on them. Imagine what will happen if the RCOG got their wish and there were no laws on abortion and just a system of toothless regulations with no threat of criminal sanctions against a multi-million-pound taxpayer-funded abortion industry guilty of placing the health and safety of women at risk. If the industry gets its way, abortion clinics will likely be licking their lips as they may rake in more than the £100 million they already receive annually.

We urge parliament not to be pressured by the abortion industry and its allies and to act to protect the interest of vulnerable women and their unborn children.”


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2 people are talking about RCOG side with abortion industry and vote for abortion for any reason

  1. Valerie Hannah Sealey says:

    So the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have voted to support a holocaust. Horrible.

  2. Michael Kemp says:

    I am appalled that a professional body such as the RCOG could possibly make such a decision in such an undemocratic manner. I wonder how the majority of the membership feel about it.

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