Review: The Biology of Prenatal Development DVD

The Biology of Prenatal Development is a unique and award-winning DVD about human development from fertilisation to birth, featuring some of the most remarkable prenatal imagery ever filmed. The organisation that produced it, the Endowment for Human Development, takes a neutral position on bioethical issues and has extensive, free online resources for you to use. Taken together, this is an indispensable resource for prolifers.

The Biology of Prenatal Development DVD

The DVD covers human development from fertilisation all the way through to birth. It is professionally-produced and full of accurate scientific information. In fact, it has won nearly a dozen awards for its quality! Here are the three big reasons it is so good for prolifers:

1. The DVD itself takes a neutral, scientific position on the topic of prenatal development. This means that the humanity of the unborn child – and the beauty of their journey in the womb – is very clearly shown, and it is just awe-inspiring. I personally learned the most from the sections covering the very early stages of development, because I could see how stunning, beautiful and human that growth was. You can see some clips from the DVD here and here.

2. The DVD includes some of the most stunning prenatal imagery I have ever seen – including direct video footage of babies in the womb with no digital enhancements in any way. This means we get to see actual, living, moving human embryos in the womb. I am not aware of any other place that has presented this kind of footage.

3. It is short – only about three-quarters of an hour. This makes it ideal for quick viewing and revisiting, as well as showing to your friends and family.

And, finally, a bonus fourth reason why this is so good:

4. The DVD is very accessible. It is designed for ages 12-21 and older, so everyone will get something out of it. A translation of the DVD script is available in nearly 100 languages, and it comes with extensive free online resources.

The Endowment for Human Development

The Biology of Prenatal Development was produced by the Endowment for Human Development. They are a non-profit with a mission to improve health science education and public health. The Endowment for Human Development has a strict Policy of Bioethical Neutrality – in other words, they provide factual information about prenatal development without taking public policy positions on bioethical issues (like abortion and human embryo research).

The people involved in the Endowment for Human Development “include accomplished educators, researchers, authors, programmers, and clinicians from a variety of scientific and business disciplines,” and this quality really shines through in the DVD. Another thing that shines through is how the DVD makes pregnancy real and relevant, using the stunning imagery and extensive resources on their website here.

Online resources

Their resources are almost all free and include:

  • A Biology of Prenatal Development Study Guide
  • An Image Gallery with more than 300 prenatal images
  • Interactive tools for pregnant mums
  • An illustrated atlas of the human embryo that took $3 million and 11 years to produce
  • Briefing sheets
  • Training for educators so that they can use the DVD and online resources to reach people in their local communities
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The Biology for Prenatal Development is unique, indispensable and award-winning, and backed up by a tremendous range of free resources for prolifers to use to educate themselves and those around them about the beauty of life in the womb. Prolifers should definitely make full use of this!

Discussion question: Have you seen the DVD or made use of the online resources? What did you think? If you haven’t, are you going to check it out soon?

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