Sense at last – a win for freedom of expression

Today’s announcement by the Home Secretary stating he would not be implementing national buffer zones is warmly welcomed by Life.

Following an in-depth review, Mr Javid’s response is a sign of hope that common sense can still prevail. After reviewing evidence provided by a range of interested parties, representing views from all sides, the Home Secretary concluded “introducing national buffer zones would not be a proportionate response…”

Life’s Senior Education Officer Liz Parsons said “Thank you, Mr Javid. How refreshing it is for a politician to not blindly follow the pro-abortion agenda. For too long our law makers have appeared scared to speak against the pro-choice lobby, Sajid Javid’s measured response supports what we have been saying all along; that laws already exist to prevent harassment and that the majority of prolife demonstrations are ‘passive in nature’.

Freedom of speech is one of the corner stones of our society and this is a sign of real hope that the prolife voice will not be silenced into submission by our government. It allows for the possibility that women with an appointment at an abortion clinic may have a final opportunity to become aware of positive, alternative support and that the life of her unborn child may be saved.”


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  1. Great news Liz ,we only hope that politicians on the Isle Of Man take this UK legislation in to account. Currently our MHKs are hell bent on introducing so called "Access Zones". a third of the draft Allinson Abortion Bill is dedicated to creating Buffer Zones. Will the Ministry Of Justice allow them to be implemented on this self-governing territory? Presumably not.

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