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Smokefree Pregnancy efforts affirm the humanity of the unborn

At Link One, we welcome measures that affirm the humanity and dignity of the unborn child. Therefore, we wanted to praise Stoke-on-Trent City Council for their Smokefree Pregnancy scheme, which encourages pregnant women to stop smoking.

The scheme, Healthier Futures Supporting a Smokefree Pregnancy, attracted controversy for using taxpayer-funded shopping vouchers to incentivise pregnant women to stop smoking. However, Life Link One would like to applaud this as a measure recognising that prenatal health matters.

Health and wellbeing begins in the womb and we recognise any measure that affirms the humanity of the unborn child. Regardless of the controversy to do with the use of incentives, we feel that measures seeking to improve the health of mother and her unborn child should be praised.

However, we also take this opportunity to point out the doublethink of a society that wants prenatal health improved, for the sake of a mother and her baby, but also provides for abortion, which ends the life of the baby and can leave the mother emotionally scarred. At Life and at Link One, our mission is to offer the positive alternative to abortion, through our Pregnancy Matters™ and Life Matters® services, so that none need go through that experience.

Through this, we hope that abortion can become a thing of the past and we will live in a society where pregnant women have all the support they need to choose life for their baby.

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