“Sombre” and “shocking”: Quarter of all pregnancies in West Midlands end in abortion

Life Link One is alarmed at conception statistics released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for 2016 showing that nearly a quarter of all pregnancies in the West Midlands county end in abortion (23.9 percent).

This is higher than the national average of about one in five pregnancies (21.7 percent). The abortion rate in the West Midlands was the highest in Coventry at 26.5 percent – also one of the highest in the country after London. Other West Midlands hotspots included Birmingham (23.5 percent), Sandwell (24.9 percent), Solihull (24.6 percent), and Wolverhampton (24.9 percent). Most significantly, the West Midlands abortion rate has been increasing since 2013.

Life Link One Manager Beckie Reeves, said, “When we live in a county where one-quarter of all pregnancies are ended in abortion, we are dealing with a huge moral issue. Many people would be shocked to realise that abortion – once sold as being safe, legal and rare – is in fact a go-to option for many women where we live. But each abortion represents a woman in crisis, a life ended, and a potential lifetime of regret.

“Where are those who will reach out to these women who feel they have no choice other than abortion? At Life Link One, our Pregnancy Matters™ service gives counselling, practical support, and housing to anyone in the West Midlands affected by abortion or coping with pregnancy loss. As we continue to expand and improve our services we are sombrely reminded of the need for those services offering positive alternatives to abortion.”


Notes to editors

Life Link One is the regional Hub of the national prolife charity Life. Life was founded in 1970 to provide positive alternatives to abortion. Since then, Life has helped more than 6000 young women to choose life for their baby.

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