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Today on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Conservative MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, clearly expressed his views on abortion. After which, he seemingly "broke the internet".

The traditional MP who has recently garnered his own following “Moggmentum”, was aggressively pushed on the subject of abortion by Piers Morgan. In response, JRM clearly stated: “Life is sacrosanct and begins at the point of conception”. Mr Rees-Mogg affirmed that he is against abortion in all circumstances and believes abortion to be “morally indefensible”.

In recent months, the North East Somerset MP has been heralded as a potential future leader of the Conservative Party.

Twitter meltdown

As could reasonably be expected after his TV appearance, all of Twitter simultaneously had a heart attack.

“How could anyone with such archaic views be fit to run this country?”

“Jacob Rees-Mogg is a misogynist with outdated, anti-intellectual views”.

It need not matter that Jacob Rees-Mogg is one of the most fiercely intelligent members of parliament (who paid for his own education at Oxford from the investments he had made on the stock markets as a child) and an extremely principled man (whether you agree with his politics or not), because according to the Twitterati and liberal media, anyone who holds the view that abortion is morally wrong is, in fact, evil. It makes you a bad person who should be silenced.

Calmly and without cowardice

For those in the prolife movement, this comes as no surprise. What is refreshing about this story, however, is Jacob’s clear and unashamed manner. He defends the unborn calmly and without cowardice. He is not intimidated and he is not trying to be popular. Above all, he cares about truth. So while the liberal banshees continue to wail, they should be reminded of the fact that politics needs more people who are dedicated to truth over popularity, not less. His bravery should encourage us all.

That being said, a concerning aspect of today’s drama is that announcing “Life begins at conception” on television is now more than sufficient to make you a thought-criminal. Jacob Rees-Mogg has been personally slammed by every major news outlet for his comments.

Scientific fact

This is in spite of the fact that science has long established when a man’s sperm enters a woman’s ovum, a new genetically unique human being is created. There has never been a human with the same genetic code and there never will be again. This is scientifically indisputable.

If one were then to apply the ethical maxim: “it is morally wrong to end the life of an innocent human being” to this scientific fact, they quickly arrive at the same logical conclusion as Mr Rees-Mogg. This is not archaic, it is not outdated, it is not misogynistic, it is the most reasonable conclusion which can be drawn using all of the scientific evidence.

The truth

As Elvis Presley once said: “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away”.

The lie that abortion is morally neutral, or at times morally necessary, is a pervasive one in society. But the truth that the unborn child is an innocent human being with a right to life will remain true for all of time. Newspaper editors will come and go. Twitter may cease to exist (look at Myspace). But the unborn child’s humanity is unchanging. This is why the prolife position will win out in the end, as science will only throw more and more light on what others want to keep in darkness.

We applaud Jacob Rees-Mogg for being a politician who is willing to put his head above the parapet in defence of the unborn child and we wish him all the best.

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    How wonderful to hear JRM speaking out on behalf of the unborn child! I applaud his courage and conviction. He is a breath of fresh air in our morally bankrupt society. He would make a fantastic PM. Every good wish to Jacob and his family.

  2. Jennifer Gunstone says:

    I think Jacob Rees-Mogg is to be congratulated for his courage in stating his beliefs so confidently and bravely although he knows his views are contrary to so much of today's public opinion. I greatly admire him for it, and wish there were more politicians like him. Too many others shilly-shally in order to be politically correct and popular .He is a true Christian and would be an excellent choice for Prime Minister.

  3. Anne Schneider says:

    I agree absolutely about his and the Church's teaching on abortion. He has all the attributes of an excellent PM, intelligence, courage of his convictions and integrity, but alas his being a Catholic....................!

  4. Fiona Cullen-Skowronski says:

    We need to pray that Christ will protect Jacob Rees-Mogg - just as we need to pray that Christ will protect David Alton. Two intellectuals who have done their research and stand up for the truth. The other guy (devil) singles such rare brave people out for attack. The devil wants human beings to kill babies. The devil thrives on the genocide of the innocent. But victory belongs to Christ, to life and to the babies. When we place unborn babies at the centre of the Eucharist, we can also place Jacob and David there.

  5. Helen Birkbeck says:

    I salute his courage and integrity and wish there were more like him.

  6. Patricia Ray says:

    I was so uplifted when I read what Jacob Rees-Mogg had said. It is refreshing that someone in a position of authority upholds Christian values and speaks out.

  7. Thomas A. Noblet says:

    Absolutely delighted by JRM holding to the Truth that human life does indeed begin at conception; where else would it begin? He would make a fantastic Prime Minister. He truly is a Gift sent by Jesus.

  8. kathleen parry says:

    Well done Jacob Rees-Mogg, for speaking out on what you believe in and not being afraid of repercussions. If only a few more politicians stood up for the truth instead of pandering for votes the world would be a better place.

  9. Lance Pierson says:

    Jacob deserves our regular prayer support. Good man indeed!

  10. What is missing in many politicians is integrity and maturity. Jacob Rees-Mogg has both and the courage to put his head above the p.c. wall. He has been called a Catholic bigot for so doing. To be termed a bigot one needs to be a person who is unreasonably and intolerantly devoted to a particular creed, system or party. In relation to abortion, he is not unreasonable in his belief because his reasoned approach that from the moment of conception a new individual human being is created or formed in the womb of the mother and this is in accord with biological and genetic truth. Although his belief is in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church, people of all Faiths and none accept this scientific evidence.

    In relation to his opposition to same-sex marriage, all cultures from time immemorial have understood marriage to be the union of a man and a woman, not only on account of a committed and loving relationship but also on account of the having and raising of children, the next generation. It is therefore reasonable to continue to hold this position as it is, in truth, a biological impossibility for two people of the same sex ever to be able to fulfil the latter aspect of marriage. Although same-sex couples are under the Law permitted to adopt children or to have children by surrogacy/ AID means, those children are denied the natural human right of ever being raised by both a mother and a father. This group of children are thus being placed in a discriminatory position. Is this reasonable or unreasonable in a tolerant society?

  11. Mrs Alka Bohorun says:

    Super stuff! We'll done JRM! There is nothing outdated or mysogynistic about the truth - whether you want to hear it is a different thing! Science, the scriptures and society has long accepted that 'conception takes place, when the sperm penetrates the egg' - this is still taught at school! Where have those people been that find this comment 'mysogynistic and outdated.' Most people won't stab, tear apart or poison a little kitten, puppy etc. Where's the difficulty in understanding that 'a newly conceived human fetus, is a living entity in itself, and has the fundamental human right to live. Circumstances like rape etc, can be understood, but apart from that, putting a 'fetus to deliberate death' is 'abortion.' That's what 'abort' means. This is NOT news!! What are the stupid media harping on about? It's common scientific knowledge, since 18th century doctors told us! Anything to sell papers and get ratings! He would make a brilliant PM!

  12. Thank God for Jacob Rees Mogg I hope he gets in in the next election

  13. I hope Jacob Rees-Mogg will get in in the next election There should be more pro life MPs like him I wish him all the best

  14. I wonder what hapernd to Allon Crage who usto leed the chrisgine party He would allso be a good priminista

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