8 June

Stand up for Life on 8 June 2017

Make your vote count.

Next week’s General Election on Thursday * June, comes in the 50th year of the passing of the Abortion Act. For five decades the Abortion Act which provided for legal abortions under certain conditions, has been twisted, abused and blatantly violated, resulting in the termination of over eight million unborn lives. And it is this 50th year that the abortion lobby wishes to pull out all the stops and have abortion on demand.

Recently, the abortion industry and its allies in parliament pushed for the full decriminalisation of abortion with Diana Johnson MP’s Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill. Removing abortion from the criminal law would allow abortion on demand, for any reason, up to birth. This week, election candidates have received letters asking them to sign a pledge to support abortion rights. The pro-abortion campaign seeks to ensure that the parliament which emerges after 8 June is a “champion of reproductive rights”.

It is not unlike the abortion industry to flex its muscles at this time. It must understandably be worried that the tide of public opinion is turning against it. That’s bad for business. Last week a new poll  on British views on abortion showed the tide of public opinion has turned against the abortion industry, with the majority of people, especially women, clamouring for greater restrictions on abortion. When one considers that politicians often pander to the majority voice on many issues, one can understand the concern coming from the abortion camp. The over £100M abortion clinics receive from the public purse for abortions in England and Wales every year, could be in jeopardy. They need MPs on their side. If they have enough support, that abortion on demand bill earlier this year is bound to come back to parliament in some form. If it is successful the rate of abortion standing at 1 every 3 minutes is likely to double as more precious human lives are terminated at the hands of an unscrupulous abortion industry which wants all barriers to business, removed.

We cannot stand by and watch this happen. In this age of political correctness where people are shouted down for daring to be prolife, we have to be brave and take a stand for the voiceless unborn children who are terminated by the hundreds every day. We have to stand up for the pregnant women who are in crisis and need support. These elections provide an opportunity to ensure the right to life of unborn children and their mothers are protected. We have the opportunity to elect the people who will have the power to stand against the industry and equally to refuse to vote for those who have advanced and will advance the cause of the abortion industry and who have  been complicit in the millions of lives lost since 1967.

To find out the voting records of all parliamentarians, go to the newly launched ‘Where Do They Stand?’ website which has been set up to allow people to easily email their local candidates to find out how they would vote on a series of hypothetical bills on life issues in the next parliament. Please find out where your candidates stand on prolife issues or how they voted in the House of Commons, if they are incumbent MPs. This vital information should inform your vote.  We urge you to use your vote well as we advance this noble cause to save the lives of unborn children and protect vulnerable women in crisis.

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  1. I hope the abortion idusstry don,t get in It,s bad enuf alouring abortions at all without alouring it up to birth Imade me vote Unfortunatly nun of me local candidats are compleetly pro life I voted for the nearest to pro life

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