Stratford Life raises nearly £500 with market stall

Stratford Life set up a market stall at the Stratford Pregnancy Matters™ Centre last Saturday, and raised nearly £500!

They raised £432.00 with sales on the forecourt of the Pregnancy Matters™ Centre, which is part of Life Link One. More cash was raised from selling books through Ziffit, a service that pays cash for old books, DVDs and CDs. The members also reported that locals and tourists often made an extra donation when they were told about what they do.

The funds raised will be used to help support Life’s work in Stratford and in the Link One area.

Well done! You can see additional pictures below:

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  1. James Tranter says:

    This article has just been updated to reflect the proceeds from Ziffit. Stratford Life now raised nearly £500 from the entire event!

  2. That.s good life have stores in Stratford I mite go to life,s stores if I can be redy when me worker comes Do life have those stores doing the week or is it only on Saturdays/

    1. James Tranter says:

      Hi Jessica, we're just asking Stratford Life for the answer to your question! We or one of the Stratford Group members will reply back here shortly. Thanks.

    2. Anthony Carus, Chairman of Stratford LIFE says:

      Jessica, thanks for your interest. Generally we have sales during the Spring to Autumn period, about 4-6 weeks apart and normally on a Saturday. I'm being vague, because it depends on the weather - we don't have a sale when it's due to rain, only when the weather is fine! I'll look into whether we can put some sort of advance notice here on the blog but otherwise it's a bit of pot luck.

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