Student fundraiser faces up to his peers to raise more funds

Dominic first became interested in Life when one of our Life Matters® Officers came to his school. James, our Life Matters® Officer for Life Link One, came to Dominic’s school to deliver one of our talks. Dominic was so taken with James’ message that he wanted to do more. Like many of us, once he knew the truth, he knew he had to do something about his prolife convictions.

Currently in Year 12, Dominic decided he would do some fundraising to support the work we are doing. In the last three months of 2018, we served 146 clients in Life Link One and spoke to 3668 pupils and students about the value of all lives. Given the ever-growing number of clients we are supporting, we were pleased to help Dominic with his fundraising efforts. He launched a Justgiving page to gain sponsors for his 10k run in Leamington Spa in April.

Taking a turn for the worse

When Dominic started asking for sponsorship for his 10k run, things started to get difficult. In school, he put up a sponsorship form which allows people to pledge support and gives a brief idea of some of the services Life provides. One day, Dominic came to school to find that this had been done:

Dominic’s sponsorship form

Undeterred, Dominic taped the form back together and put it back on the noticeboard. When he returned the next day however, the form had been thrown away! Not only this, but in the place of the sponsorship form, Dominic found the following note:

“Forcing pregnant women to continue unwanted pregnancies is also against human rights”

Note left by student in place of sponsorship form

A silver lining to every cloud

While the school are dealing with the situation appropriately, it remains the case that Dominic has been unfairly treated for his prolife beliefs. Of course, at Life we are no strangers to this treatment and intimidation. Speaking to those we know about prolife issues can be even harder than speaking to strangers. As Dumbledore says, “There are all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery […] to stand up to our friends.”

We want to commend Dominic for his courage in speaking out for Life’s mission of creating a just society with the utmost respect for all human life from fertilisation. Like us, he believes that opposition to abortion must go hand in hand with the provision of alternatives.

There is a silver lining to all this. The publicity brought attention to Dominic’s fundraising efforts and more people are coming forward to support him. His original fundraising target was £250 but, with his online and offline donations, he has already smashed this goal with 2 months still to go before the race!

In an email to us, Dominic said

“This experience has further spurred me to keep on fighting for your most noble cause.”

Thank you, Dominic for your commitment to Life! If you want to show Dominic your support, leave a comment below or sponsor him today.

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10 people are talking about Student fundraiser faces up to his peers to raise more funds

  1. Mark Townsend says:

    Well done Dominic. Good on you for carrying on. I do think you should take care to see both sides of the argument. The woman’s right to abortion is very emotive.

  2. Dawn Turner-Burr says:

    Well done Dominic. We’re immensely proud of your commitment to support Life, despite facing huge opposition. Your dignified behaviour in the face of adversity will serve you well in life.

  3. David Simpson says:

    Well done Dominic. Be in no doubt that the cause you are supporting is correct. It will continue to take courage. But you have already demonstrated that you have the strength to fight for Life. Remain steadfast. And keep your cool.

  4. Michael Stanton says:

    Dominic your courage and strength are a humbling example even to those who, like me, are old enough to be your grandfather. Michael

  5. Dominic Turner-Burr says:

    Thank you all for your support.
    As of now, the situation has died down, however I am still determined to keep on fighting the good fight and if you want to support me you can either donate to my just giving page or come to the race in leamington on the 7th April, and cheer me on.
    Dominic Turner-Burr

  6. Sue says:

    Your courage is impressive! Well done, Dominic.

  7. E. Tame says:

    Goodonyermate. Keep going.

  8. Celia Buttigieg says:

    Well done! You are doing the right thing, facing up to lies ( lies that unfortunately, have been spread so effectively in our culture that so many believe them), facing up to the packs of wolves in sheeps clothing who keep insisting that something so patently awful and evil is good. I really applaud you.

  9. SUSAN L BETTS says:

    Hi Dominic, you are an inspiration, and a brave and honourable person. I thank you for what you are doing. God bless you for standing up for the unborn.

  10. Jane Plasom-Scott says:

    Well done, Dominic. What a brave thing to do!

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