“Thank you for changing my life!”

Life was at Coventry University's Freebies Fair this week!

We engaged with 240 people and gave out 13 free pregnancy tests. At our table we were showing people our fetal models, sharing with them the wonder of life before birth, and telling them about the compassionate services of our Pregnancy Matters™ team.

We’ll let the students’ own words speak for themselves:

“So glad you’re here.”

“Oh that’s amazing! Thank you for changing my life. It’s beautiful!”

“Were you here last year? This is so good, you should definitely be here!”

“This is so cute!”

” You’ve freaked me out – in a good way!”

“I didn’t know about you, but I’m so pleased I met you.”

At times, we were there to offer help and support. We gave out more than a dozen free pregnancy tests, which we gave along with details of how to get in touch with Pregnancy Matters™ – whatever the result and however they felt about it.

A few other students either knew someone who had experienced pregnancy loss, were currently pregnant, or who had given birth and were experiencing difficulties. For all of these, we were able to tell them about our services and be a listening ear for them.

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  1. Mary Tidy says:

    More people like you should do this ; It's so good for young people to know more about abortion

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