The Abortion Business: An Industry Founded on Lies

One of the many unedifying aspects of the pro-abortion platform is that it is founded on lies.

There are several, each with its own variants.

Not a human being.

The first, perhaps the foundational, lie is that the unborn child is not a human being.  Clearly, the most basic knowledge of biology gives the lie to that assertion. Variants include using technical language (foetus, embryo) to disguise the true nature of what we are talking about.  Worse still, perhaps are the euphemisms (‘the pregnancy’ or ‘the products of conception’) as well as the downright lies (‘just a blob of cells’) and the deliberate introduction of irrelevant categories defined to suit the abortionists’ arguments (‘not a person.’)

Necessary for women.

But there are many other lies, too. Abortion is necessary to liberate women is a classic example. Try telling that to the poor girls and young women who are abused and forced to have abortions to cover the crimes of their rapists and with no questions asked by the abortion clinics. This has been found repeatedly in all the shocking grooming and child exploitation cases around the country. Again, this lie has many variants: it is a woman’s right; it is essential for equality, and so on.

The best solution.

One of the saddest lies is the one sold to women: abortion is the best solution to a problem pregnancy.  The implication is that if you have an abortion, it will be as though you were never pregnant. And again, that is not true. You will always thereafter be a woman who has had an abortion – as many women have discovered too late to their great emotional cost. Life sees hundreds of these women every year.

Only the woman’s concern.

And then there’s a lie that is particularly damaging to society more widely: the lie that abortion is simply the concern of the woman involved. But that is clearly untrue. It leaves out of account the father of the child, and other relations who may be involved. It also leaves out of account the doctors and nurses who are pressured to betray their calling and their consciences to provide abortions. And that, of course, affects us all: if we cannot trust our medical professionals not to kill, we are all worse off. And again, there are many variants: men have no right to speak on this issue, for example, and ‘trust women’ (but only those women who are pro-abortion, of course…)


And finally, there are the lies of silence. There is the refusal to tell women the reality of their situation, to allow them to see their unborn child on ultrasound, for example.


For all of these reasons, the truth is the friend of the pro-life movement; and we must always make sure that we take a stand on truth, and don’t allow the deceptive tactics of the opposition to tempt us to lie. Apart from anything else, we don’t need to: the truth is on our side.


Thanks again to Andrew, our trustee, for another excellent guest blog.

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  1. Phoenix McDougal says:

    everything about this article is wrong. the abortion is simply between the woman and her beliefs. she shouldn’t have to worry about what the workers in the clinic will say, as they shouldn’t ask questions and they should trust that she is handling the situation properly.

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