The end of an anti-life parliament

On Wednesday this week we saw the dissolution of parliament. It brought an end to one of the most anti-life parliaments we have ever seen at Westminster. How did we arrive here?

When it comes to strategic thinking and tactics the abortion industry receives top scores. Of course a major factor here is the ability of this multi-million-pound taxpayer-funded industry to employ professionals to advise on promoting its mission and maximising income. Only last month, the global media company Refinery 29 (with an audience reach of over 500 million) unveiled a campaign to totally decriminalise abortion in England and Wales. As part of its campaign a petition has been organised to Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking for the decriminalisation of abortion.

A three-pronged approach

In recent years the abortion industry has had a three-pronged approach: support from the medical colleges, the public and parliament.  Some of the medical colleges were infiltrated by people with links to abortion providers. It’s unsurprising then that they joined the official lobby for decriminalisation of abortion.

However, the tide of public support has been turning in recent years. More people, especially women, want greater restrictions on abortion or that it remains governed by the law. A COMRES poll just two years ago showed that 72% of people want abortion to be legally regulated. This was not surprising. Cases kept on appearing in the media about women’s health and safety being put at risk. How? By abortion clinics which were seemingly more keen on generating income than on patient safety.

Turning to parliament: abortion through legislation

So the industry turned its eyes on parliament. Why struggle for public support when you could bring about change through the change agents themselves? Enter the law makers.

A year ago, Diana Johnson’s Abortion Decriminalisation Bill sailed through its first reading in the House of Commons receiving 208 votes in support opposed to 103 against. But it was a Private Members Bill easily stopped in its tracks at the next reading. The Bill’s success however is that it revealed to the abortion lobby that it could command majority support in the House of Commons across parties.

So it was just a matter of time before the abortion lobby struck again. It just needed a government bill which was certain to pass, to tack on amendments. The Northern Ireland Executive Formation Bill was the chosen target. This bill originally had nothing to do with abortion but was used by Stella Creasy MP to drive through amendments which imposed abortion on the people of Northern Ireland last month. The House of Commons voted 332 in favour of Ms Creasy’s amendment and just 99 against.

From Northern Ireland to the rest of the UK

The attention is now focused on England and Wales to remove all legal sanctions on abortion. The way to do it? Another government bill of course. The abortion lobby is targeting the long awaited Domestic Abuse Bill. It will tack on amendments as it did with the Northern Ireland Bill to remove abortion from legal regulation in the UK.

We support the Domestic Abuse Bill insofar as it is as a bill which protects women. But we are happy that it has come to the end of its life in this anti-life parliament. With the dissolution of parliament, bills cease their progress but it will return in the new parliament. The Domestic Abuse Bill will be returning in the new parliament but we can only hope that the next parliament is different to the one that has just ended.

Time for action

This is where you come in. For all who stand in defence of the right to life of unborn children and their vulnerable mothers, the election on 12 December offers you an opportunity. YOU can change the composition of the House of Commons so that it is not allied to the abortion industry. YOU can make sure it reflects a more prolife ethos than the one that has just ended. Had it not been for the composition of the parliament that has just ended, abortion would still be illegal today in Northern Ireland.

We need YOU to vote for life. Find out where your parliamentary candidates stand on abortion and vote for real change that will save the lives of thousands more unborn children in years to come. If you are unsure how to do this please do get in touch with us and we would be glad to help.

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4 people are talking about The end of an anti-life parliament

  1. Bernadette Rose says:

    our current MP is standing down and I don't know who our new candidate will be for Milton Keynes North constituency

  2. Mary Hogan says:

    Our MP is standing down. It will be interesting to hear the opinion of his successor and that of the other candidates in the coming Election

  3. Thelma Davison says:

    I will not be voting for the East Leeds candidate who is in parliament at the moment as although he is dead against any cruelty to animals he votes for abortion rights every time. I am waiting to see what the other candidates have to say.

  4. Susan Salam says:

    Yes I will do my best to find out about candidates views on abortion and assisted suicide, and will vote for a pro-life candidate if there is one.

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