The European Parliament was right to reject the Estrela report

The national pro-life charity Life has welcomed the European Parliament’s vote to reject the Estrela report, for the second time in as many months. The report recommended that abortion be treated as a human right, and while even a vote in favour would not have had any legal force, it would undoubtedly have increased the pressure on those EU member states that maintain legal protections for the unborn child.

A Life spokesperson, Niall Gooch, commented that: “It is fundamentally undemocratic and sinister for pro-abortion forces to try and impose their will across Europe using top-down measures like this report. Many individual countries within Europe have strong cultures of life, despite arrogant attempts to undermine them. At Life we think that this should be celebrated.”

“Although abortion is presented as liberation for women, it is far from clear that this is actually the case. Many women are pressured or manoeuvred into abortion by their family or partner, or are not offered suitable alternatives in crisis pregnancy. Abortion disrupts relationships and enables selfish men to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Many cases of abortion for disability happen because support of people with disabilities and their families is so poor.”

“At Life we provide positive alternatives to abortion. We believe that this should be the model for how society deals with families and individuals who for whatever reason are finding a pregnancy problematic.”

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