The human right to life and the will of the people of Northern Ireland

Life is deeply disappointed at the behaviour of Westminster parliamentarians who argued today for the power to remove legal protection for the unborn baby in the UK and to impose abortion on the people of Northern Ireland.

The House of Commons today debated whether sections 58 and 59 of the Offences against the Persons Act should be dismissed.

Life’s Education Director Anne Scanlan said “The debate was a Trojan horse that allowed a handful of MPs to grandstand on the issue of abortion in Northern Ireland when it was actually a debate about abandoning legal protection for the unborn child across the entire UK. Abortion proponents argued vociferously for a woman’s right to choose, but the right to choose what? There is no human right to choose to end the life of an unborn child.

It was also shameful to see the verbal assaults unleashed on the democratically elected parliamentarians from Northern Ireland who dared to stand up to Westminster abortion proponents and their demands to impose abortion on Northern Ireland. But this is not surprising and is characteristic of the behaviour of the abortion lobby.

We urge MPs to stand up to the powerful abortion industry and their allies who seek to bully the people of Northern Ireland in their rush to impose termination of the unborn everywhere. With 9 million lives lost since 1967 in England and Wales, history will look favourably on those who have the courage to speak against attempts to drastically increase termination of the unborn. Those who want to act in the interest of women should spend their time lobbying for more support for women to continue their pregnancy. They should not be focusing on removing the legal safeguards which protect both women and their unborn children and act as impediments to the excesses of the abortion industry.”


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  1. Chris Delaney says:

    I was amazed Stella Creasey MP (obviously capitalizing on the result of the Irish referendum) was able to get an emergency debate granted in the Commons. This is usually reserved for matters of national security. There were a number of MP's who spoke, ready to jump on the Pro-abortion bandwagon. Respect for the DUP contingent who spoke up eloquently for the unborn, despite some unsavoury barracking, particularly towards Sammy Wilson. Some people don't like to hear the truth

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