The pursuit of justice: Aisling Hubert’s case

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere … Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” – Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Aisling Hubert, 23, above, faces a £47,000 legal bill for her attempt to bring two doctors to justice for agreeing to perform sex-selective abortions, after her case was quashed by the Crown Prosecution Service. The two doctors were filmed agreeing to sex-selective abortions during a Daily Telegraph undercover investigation. “I don’t ask questions. If you want a termination, you want a termination,” said one.

There is injustice in this decision. It exposes the agenda against the right to life within the Establishment, and this agenda affects all of us directly.

Sex-selective abortion is illegal under the 1967 Abortion Act.  Nevertheless, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) declined to continue the case, saying that it wasn’t in the “public interest.” Aisling then took the bold step of attempting a private prosecution, which the CPS promptly took over – and then dropped. Aisling now faces a £47,000 legal bill for her actions.


Consider that:

  1. The CPS refused to prosecute two doctors who broke the law, even though the CPS admitted there was a reasonable chance of conviction. They knew that wrong had been done but refused to continue the case.
  2. Aisling faces a bill of £47,000 for her attempt to bring these two doctors to justice. Yet the abortion industry was funded by taxpayers in 2010 to the tune of £118 million – an amount which presumably continues today, as abortion numbers haven’t decreased significantly since then.
  3. Only one of the doctors in the case faced any punishment. But that punishment was a mere “slap on the wrist.” It wasn’t for agreeing to perform a sex-selective abortion – it was for falsifying medical records.

“In the public interest”

There is one rule for the Establishment and one rule for the rest of society. When it comes to right-to-life cases such as Aisling’s, the CPS has a questionable history. 67 physicians were caught pre-signing abortion forms, a practice that is against the law. The CPS investigated the case and dropped it. The reason? “Public interest.”

Assisted suicide is another right-to-life case. The 1961 Suicide Act is clear: assisting a suicide is a crime punishable by up to 14 years in jail. Yet Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions in the CPS, rewrote the CPS’ prosecutions policy for assisted suicide. The edits “effectively … decriminalis[ed] assisted suicide by doctors and other health care professionals as long as they don’t have an existing professional care relationship with the patient.”

Exposed: the agenda against the right to life

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. There appears to be an agenda within the British justice system to allow the violation of the right to life. This is especially concerning in the cases of assisted suicide, because judicial decisions violating the right to life have been used as the basis for Parliamentary law years later that legalised those same violations. That’s how the 1967 Abortion Act happened.

This case exposes this agenda within government agencies. And it exposes the injustice of a funding system that gives six-figure amounts of money to those who take life and who break the law as they do so, while not supporting those who stand for life.

These systems are within our society and hence they affect all of us. Our mission is to create a just society that values and protects all human life, from its beginning to its natural end. We welcome the pursuit of justice in this case and urge support for Aisling for her brave stand.


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12 people are talking about The pursuit of justice: Aisling Hubert’s case

  1. C Lewis says:

    I hope she is successful in her appeal but as a lawyer i hope that her legal advisers made her fully aware of the risk of a costs order before her application was issued, otherwise they should indemnify her if all else fails.

  2. Barbara Phillips says:

    It is difficult to believe that this has happened. I support Aisling 100% and will be praying for Justice for her .

  3. David Tomkins says:

    Is there a fund please,to help with the legal costs?

    1. Web admin says:

      Anne and David, we are investigating options for people interested to help in this way and will let you know what we find out. Many thanks

      1. Web admin says:

        we must all wait to see if her appeal is successful before supporting financially - there may be no need.

  4. David Tomkins says:

    Can I help financially, please?

  5. Thomas A, Noblet says:

    The establishment is poison. It would be worthwhile crowd funding to support Aisling and pay off her fine. Our country destroys so many beautiful unborn babies.

  6. Eric Cheetham says:

    The CPS is not interested in upholding the law, only the PC views of the establishment, even if they are illegal!

  7. Anne Schneider says:

    A collection could be started to pay Aisling's bill. She deserves our support.

    1. Web admin says:

      Anne and David, we are investigating options for people interested to help in this way and will let you know what we find out. Many thanks

      1. Web admin says:

        We all must wait in the hope that her appeal will be successful

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