The RCGP’s irresponsible position in support of abortion decriminalisation

Life is deeply disappointed at news this evening that the Royal College of General Practitioners has decided to support the decriminalisation of abortion.

The RCGP Council said this evening that abortion should be governed by medical regulatory frameworks.

Life’s Head of Advocacy Liz Parsons said “The RCGP’s vote and its position today is an obvious attempt to support the abortion industry and their allies in parliament with their campaign to bring in abortion on demand in the UK.

We hope the RCGP recognises that this vote is not for women. Whilst the RCGP vote is 2/3 in favour of the removal of legal restrictions, a 2017 COMRES poll  showed that 2/3 of women feel the current law protects them from medical malpractice. The removal of all legal scrutiny and regulation on abortion does not protect women. Rather it leaves them more vulnerable to exploitation. For years abortion clinics have twisted, abused and blatantly broken the current laws on abortion, with impunity. It would therefore be very convenient for them if all legal barriers are removed. The current legal restrictions, with the possibility of prosecution, help protect pregnant women in crisis from exploitation and abuse.

We note that the RCGP did not ask in its poll, about time limits for abortion. Had it done so, it would have forced those members who voted for abortion to be decriminalised, to face the fact that abortion could become legal right up to birth.

The decriminalisation of abortion means no time limits, no questions asked and abortion after 24 weeks, right up to birth including for gender. That a medical body would vote for this is sickening, shocking and highly irresponsible. We urge the RCGP to seriously rethink its position if it is to remain true to its stated mission of ensuring the highest possible standards in medical practice.”

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3 people are talking about The RCGP’s irresponsible position in support of abortion decriminalisation

  1. Helen Birkbeck says:

    Why is it seen as so wrong to want to protect innocent lives? When even medical groups support abortion I fear that this country has really lost its way.

  2. Kate says:

    As a nurse absolutely shocked by all this.

  3. elizabeth kalsi says:

    absolutely sick that the healthcare profession as a whole would vote to kill rather than adopt out a viable, unwanted child. Aborting at 24 plus weeks would still mean giving birth, only to a killed baby rather than an alive one. Sick sick sick.

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