The tragic loss of unborn lives since 1967 

I often wonder if when the 1967 Abortion Act was passed did the people championing this bill fully realise or contemplate the pathway they were paving for the abortion industry as it stands today? Did they ever think about the number of abortions this would lead to?  

These thought-provoking questions come after the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that just under a quarter (24%) of all pregnancies in 2018 resulted in an abortion. Abortions in 2018 were being done at the rate of one every three minutes of the day. Over 200,000 lives of future leaders, history makers and world changers were never given the chance to make an impact on this world. Their lives were ended under the banner of  ‘positive and effective healthcare for women’.  

As Life Matters® Officers, we often say to students that we passionately believe that women deserve better than an abortion as we know it can cause emotional hurt for many people for many years. We know this to be true because of the number of women who reach out to us through our Pregnancy Mattersservices following an abortion. So called ‘healthcare’ that can possibly cause not just weeks or months, but years of emotional pain, anxiety and heartache cannot be something which is beneficial to our society.   

Yet since the 1967 act there has been over 8.7 million abortions in Britain alone! That means in our society there have been more abortions carried out than the current population of Israel.  That is a profoundly sad statistic for me. Whenever I watch programmes like One Born Every Minute or I see a pregnant woman, I can’t help but think about the future life of that baby and wonder what that new life will see and do. Throughout my pregnancy and watching my baby grow, I often look at my child and think

I wonder where life will take you and what adventures you will go on along the way 

To quote from one of my favourite movies

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future

One person can have a monumental impact on the world, whether that is leading the world from the front or being the world for their future family and friends. Yet 8.7 million lives never got their opportunity to make their mark on this world.  

We must never stop working, campaigning and advocating for those precious new lives and the women who bring them into the world. Mum and baby deserve so much more than to be just another statistic for the ever-growing abortion industry.  

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