UK Govt pledge £1.1 billion for family planning and overseas abortion

Life is outraged at the announcement today, by International Development Secretary Priti Patel, that the Government will increase its aid for family planning and abortion services by 25% costing the taxpayer over £1.1 billion.

Ms Patel announced at the Family Planning Summit being held in London today that the Government will shell out £225 million per year, over the next five years. Ms Patel later confirmed this sum would include the provision of ‘safe abortion’ in developing countries.

Director of Education, Anne Scanlan, said:

“This is absolutely shocking. A recent ComRes poll showed that 65% of the public oppose UK taxpayer money being spent on abortions overseas. The public should be outraged that at a time when doctors and nurses pay rises are being capped, DFID is signing away £1 billion to pay for abortions in developing countries. It beggars belief.

Rather than increasing aid for sanitation, education or emergency relief, the Department for International Development is only interested in furthering the pro-abortion lobby’s agenda.

Women’s empowerment internationally will come when women can continue with their pregnancy because of proper practical support targeted at improving their economic situation and lifting them out of poverty. It will not be through the termination of their unborn children by a global industry which profits from the plight of women in crisis at the expense of British taxpayers.

We call on the Government not to proceed with this new support for the family planning and abortion industry and to instead pursue global initiatives to support women in pregnancy”.

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7 people are talking about UK Govt pledge £1.1 billion for family planning and overseas abortion

  1. Anthony says:

    Patel needs to be removed from office and the tax payer should have a right and say as to were the money geos from now on am really getting sick of this this nonsense and as for this article it's sick we're talking about life here weather people like it or they don't end abortions NOW we need to get partitions going and make a stand.

  2. william spring says:

    It is just plain wicked that HMG approaches foreign aid in the back of the IPPF taxi. Now IPPF have been chucked out of the US why make London & Canada their alternative centres?

    This is neo colonialsm at its worst.

  3. Gwenneth Howard says:

    I can not condone killing by abortion.

  4. Patricia devaney says:

    I protest the money spent on abortion overseas.

  5. Pauline Bicker says:

    Money should be spent on education and health care not promoting abortion.

  6. Geoff Chapman says:

    This is wicked. I have written to my local MP, David Warburton, to protest about this.

  7. Dr B.Scotson says:

    I cannot understand why the UK should even consider funding abortion overseas, no matter what one's views are. Aid including food, shelter, medical supplies to maintain life not exterminate it, etc., yes fine but abortion, no. I would add that I have never understood the idea of "safe" abortion. At least one person dies. Safe? I don't think so.

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