The unborn as second class citizens of Ireland

The decision by Ireland’s Supreme Court yesterday that unborn children have no rights outside the right to life is deeply disappointing and relegates unborn children to second class citizens in Ireland.

The Court yesterday overruled an earlier judgement by the High Court that the rights of unborn children extended beyond the right to life.

Responding to the ruling Life’s Director of Education Anne Scanlan said “This was a case of parents just simply wanting to have their unborn child cared for by its father in Ireland once it was born. Inherent in the right to life, guaranteed in the Irish constitution, is a recognition of the unborn baby as a living member of the human family. It is our belief that in this case, the living, preborn baby was a citizen of Ireland irrespective of whether or not he/she was inside the womb or outside. Why should the rights of any member of the human family be conditioned on their location, i.e. being outside the womb rather than inside?

To deem the unborn baby, an existing citizen of the Republic of Ireland, to be undeserving of the rights given to all other citizens, is to regard them as second class citizens. Ireland has a proud reputation for equality.  The 8th Amendment, which the abortion industry and its allies are pushing to remove, bears testimony to this by protecting the right to life of mother and baby. To go from this position to regarding the unborn baby as now undeserving of all other rights is discriminatory and deeply disappointing. We look forward to the people of Ireland demonstrating their continued respect for equality of unborn children by voting against a repeal of the 8TH Amendment this summer.”

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  1. Tom Conlon says:

    We hope and pray that the people of Ireland will not repeal the 8th amendment. We hope for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that hearts will realise the God given right to life cannot be denied. The precious gift of life should not be taken away by any government laws. Innocent human life must be protected and society must realise that the taking of an defenceless, innocent life is wrong.

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