URGENT – Parliamentarians to try to decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland and England and Wales

On Monday afternoon, MPs will attempt to use a Government bill, the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill to move amendments , to impose abortion on Northern Ireland.

The amendments seek to force the Government to comply with what they term “human rights obligations” to extend abortion access to Northern Ireland. One of the MPs to push for an amendment in this regard is Stella Creasy. Last year Ms Creasy and Connor McGinn tried unsuccessfully to pass an amendment  which would have abolished sections in the the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act, applicable in Northern Ireland, which makes obtaining or helping somebody obtain an abortion a criminal offence. Had they been successful, this amendment would have brought in abortion in Northern Ireland and also make abortion completely legal in England and Wales (not requiring any of the conditions of the Abortion Act to be met before approval of an abortion).

One amendment led by Jeremy Corbyn requires the Secretary of State to lay a statutory instrument before the House by October 2019 in order that  “The Secretary of State may by regulations provide for services to meet the reproductive rights of women in Northern Ireland to be charged to the Northern Ireland Consolidated Fund.”  We are unsure what these reproductive rights would include but strongly believe that this does have to do with provision of abortion services.

A further related amendment by Stella Creasy  says “In accordance with the requirements of section 26 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 regarding international obligations, the Secretary of State must make regulations by statutory instrument to give effect to the recommendations of the Report of the Inquiry concerning the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland under article 8 of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. (2) Regulations under this section must come into force by 21 October 2019” Ms Creasy is referring to this UN report which accuses the Government of violating women’s human rights and recommends that the Government “Repeal sections 58 and 59 of the Offences against the Person Act, 1861 so that no criminal charges can be brought against women and girls who undergo abortion or against qualified health care professionals and all others who provide and assist in the abortion”.  As we indicated earlier, if this amendment by Ms Creasy is successful it would remove abortion from criminal law in both Northern Ireland and England and Wales this year.

Removing abortion from the framework of the law could actually leave women at risk of exploitation and abuse because of the removal of necessary checks and the need for approval of abortions. Abortion has been used to hide the crimes of sex abusers/groomers as we see below. This is happening when there are laws on abortion. Imagine what would happen if we had no laws on abortion and therefore no monitoring and detecting of cases like these.


We need you to email or call your MP urgently to ask them to be present on Monday and Tuesday in the House of Commons and to stand against this attempt to bring in abortion on demand both in Northern Ireland and England and Wales. To find out who your MP is and their contact details just click on this link . Thank you for helping us fight for the right to life of unborn children and for greater provision of support to their mothers.

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8 people are talking about URGENT – Parliamentarians to try to decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland and England and Wales

  1. Barbara Harrison says:

    I hope David Hanson will be present for the vote on decriminalising abortion .I am asking him to vote against it.

  2. Ann Durden-Higgins says:

    When a baby is wanted the pregnancy is cared for & nurtured by all, but if not wanted it is “ got rid of “ !!!
    The smell of hypocrisy is overwhelming.
    A conceived baby is a human being and has the right to life whether “ wanted or not wanted “

  3. Patrick Horgan says:

    I do hope that my Member of Parliament will vote against this proposal to decriminalize the abortion of unborn babies, who also have human rights.

  4. paul muller says:

    please jon tricket be present on monday and tuesday to stand against the attempt to bring abortion on demand.

  5. Dr Steve Chandler says:

    I am horrified at the proposal to decriminalize the abortion of unborn babies. David Steele who brought in the original Abortion Act, would be horrified at this extrapolation of the Act. Fathers often pressurize women to abort their fetus without due consideration of the mother's wish!

  6. Dr Steve Chandler says:

    I am deeply concerned about the proposal for abortion on demand which demeans the value of human life. David Steele, who initially brought about abortion act in the UK except Northern Ireland, would have been horrified at the the proposed Act to remove all restrictions for its use, which would entirely remove the opportunity for mothers, who usually value their baby. Such mothers are often pressurized by the father to acceded to his will, providing trauma to the mother.

  7. Joseph Judge says:

    Some people believe abortion to be morally wrong, others do not. The question can never be resolved just by referring to what other people do. Just because England has 200, 000 abortions a year (something David Steele never envisaged when introducing the 1967 Act) that is no reason why Northern Ireland should follow suit. Northern Ireland has principled objections to changing the law and they are surely entitled to have their views respected.

  8. Michael Scott says:

    All UK LIFE supporters please act quickly and respond to this request. Otherwise you might end up like the Isle Of Man where abortion was decriminalized on 24th May 2019. Here we have abortion on demand up to 14 weeks, for any social reason to 24 weeks, then up to birth for disability, eugenic purposes. Two Dr rule has gone,abortifacient tablets are available without seeing a doctor, DIY ,home abortions are rife. You really don't want this in the UK so act quickly and contact your MPs. See HEAR campaign.im for ideas.

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