West Midlands abortion statistics due to ‘breakdown of community’

Life Link One, the regional hub of the national charity Life, says that a breakdown of community and support for pregnant women is responsible for high abortion rates in the West Midlands.

The abortion statistics for 2018, released last week, show that there were 20,897 abortions in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Overall, nearly more than 18 out of every 1000 women in the area had an abortion. The abortion rate was especially high in Sandwell (25 out of every 1000 women) and Wolverhampton (23 out of every 1000 women).

There were 1,548 abortions to girls under 19, and nearly half of all girls under 25 presenting for an abortion had already had one before (47.3%).

Link One Manager Beckie Reeves said, “Abortion represents a breakdown of community. At Life, we deal with 70 women every day in difficult or unexpected pregnancies. Many of them feel alone, unsupported, and afraid. Our Pregnancy Matters™ service cares for them and their child so that they are surrounded by love, compassion, and all the support they need. A May 2017 Comres poll showed that 84% of women want improved pregnancy support for women in crisis. We are very proud to continue to provide this support for pregnant women so they feel able to continue their pregnancy.”


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