Stop the imposition of abortion in Northern Ireland


On 21 October 2019, if the Stormont Executive is not reinstated, abortion on demand will become legal in Northern Ireland. This is because on 18 July 2019, a band of  Westminster parliamentarians took advantage of the absence of a sitting Executive in Northern Ireland. They hijacked the Northern Ireland Bill to vote through abortion amendments compelling the British Government to legalise abortion for any reason up to 28 weeks unless the Executive is reconvened by 21 October. The objections of all the elected representatives of the Northern Irish people were ignored as was the 2016 vote of the Northern Ireland Assembly rejecting abortion and the petition of 17,000 people against the amendments.The bill has already received Royal Assent. If implemented, Northern Ireland will become one of the countries with the most liberal abortion laws in Europe.

Bullying the People of Northern Ireland

This Bill with its abortion amendments is a vicious slap in the face of the people of Northern Ireland and their elected representatives at Westminster. It represents a mad opportunistic rush by allies of the abortion lobby to exploit the current absence of the Northern Ireland Assembly to bully the people of Northern Ireland into accepting abortion. It is indeed a dark day for democracy when the very institutions which should be its guardians decide it is right and proper to impose their will on the people of Northern Ireland without consultation or consent.

What you can do

We are therefore calling on you to write to your MLAs to urge them to use their influence on their party to ensure these undemocratic actions by Westminster are stopped by a swift reconvening of the Executive in Stormont before 21st October 2019. Let your MLA know that their actions now in standing up to Westminster will determine whether you support them in future.

Act now