Endorsements of our speakers


“Excellent, informative and professional!”

– Teacher, Warwickshire

“[The pupils] were … fascinated by the presentation.”

– Teacher, Warwickshire

Excellent speaker, great information, very well executed. Excellent presentation and very accessible for all pupils.”

– Teacher, Warwickshire

Extremely engaging and thought-provoking. The [Year 5s and 6s] were fully engaged throughout the session & were able to display high-quality questioning. [The speaker’s] excellent subject knowledge enhanced the children’s enthusiasm.”

– Teacher, Warwickshire

“The pupils seemed to really engage with the presentation and liked being able to have the opportunities to ask questions which the presenter handled well.”

– Teacher, Warwickshire

“The speaker was effective because [they] chatted in a very friendly, informal way which did not patronise students.”

– Teacher, Warwickshire

“Thank you again – we are really enjoying having these talks and feel the children get a lot from them.”

– Teacher, Warwickshire


“We spent about half an hour in today’s lesson ‘debriefing’, and to my amusement the majority tend to agree with pro-Life arguments on euthanasia! Knowing my pupils, this is high praise indeed. One girl protested against your dismissal of Utilitarian morality, which started a whole new line of discussion in the lesson. In short, that was an exciting and brilliantly delivered session.”

– Teacher, Oxfordshire

“[The speaker] was very relaxed, welcoming and open to questions.”

– Teacher, Oxfordshire

“Your presentation was very gentle and professional.”

– Teacher, Oxfordshire


“It was a very useful talk and made a really big impression on the girls.”

– Teacher, Buckinghamshire


“It was delivered in a fun but serious way. Very engaging for students … It was fantastic.”

– Teacher, Staffordshire

“Calm, professional manner. Excellent at dealing with difficult questions. The information, images, models and statistics put abortion into context and made the issue more accessible to [the pupils] … I have been to talks on this subject before which have aggressively condemned pro-choice to the point where students have felt lectured rather than informed. This talk was not like this. It showed pro-choice point of view then calmly showed the alternative. Sensitive, informative and well presented.”

– Teacher, Staffordshire

West Yorkshire

“It was absolutely first class with all the contributors making a significant input to the sessions. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious. It was also refreshing to have logical and ethical arguments given without the weight of emotional or religious viewpoints. Our students were certainly challenged to think and to make decisions for themselves.”

– Teacher, West Yorkshire


“The Life talks have become an integral part of our GCSE delivery. The speakers are uniformly excellent.”

– Teacher, Lancashire

The pro-life position was strong and central to the presentation but allowing for a range of options to be discussed and sensitively argued strengthened the central message and outcomes … Students questioned their responses, beliefs, knowledge … Excellent.”

– Teacher, Lancashire

Very engaging and so well-presented. Fantastic subject knowledge which was made very clear. Thank you so much.”

– Teacher, Lancashire

Incredibly helpful and informative.”

– Pupil, Lancashire

This presentation has informed me about options other than abortion and helped me understand the pro-life side more.”

– Pupil, Lancashire

Useful information and good for my exam next week.”

– Pupil, Lancashire



– Pupil, Manchester

West Midlands

“Students were very engaged.”

– Teacher, West Midlands

The pace and content was superb, provoking questions asked … Thank you so much! Today has been an excellent opportunity for our students to gain an insight to the uniqueness of life. The case studies used in both talks [Abortion and Life Before Birth] really helped our students to gain perspective.”

– Teacher, West Midlands

“A thoroughly fantastic presentation. All students fully engaged and very enthused.”

– Teacher, West Midlands

A fantastic presentation which inspires care for life from conception.

– Teacher, West Midlands

“The presentation was very clear and set at an appropriate level for the children. There was nothing controversial in the content. Nor anything that raised controversy with the children.”

– Teacher, West Midlands (Year 6, Life Before Birth talk)

Really good presentation! I feel a lot of points were covered and clarified.”

– Pupil, West Midlands

“[O]ur class listened to a talk about abortion from the charity called Life. It was very interesting and it taught me a lot about the emotions involved in abortion and the steps that are taken. The talk made me think about my view on abortion and I have come to a conclusion that I am pro-life, meaning I am for life and I believe no human should be killed. One thing that stood out to me the most during the talk was the quote: ‘if wombs had windows then abortion would not be considered’. I believe there is always another solution and with the knowledge and support from family, friends and the charity Life, this is possible.”

– Pupil, West Midlands

“The presentation was by a charity called Life who helped people who were considering or had received an abortion. They gave guidance and support, which encouraged them to consider other options before carrying out an abortion. For those who had already had an abortion, they offered reconciling to help them and come to terms if they had regrets. I have taken away from this talk the kindness that charities like Life have and the fact that there are legal requirements for abortions by law which I was unaware of. My opinion on abortion has changed and I would recommend this talk to older and younger people as it is very relevant in the world today and I believe that everyone has a right to life.”

– Pupil, West Midlands

“From the Life talk I learnt that the father of the baby would have no say in the girl’s final decision as a baby does not have human rights until birth. This affected me because it changed my opinion from pro-choice to pro-life.”

– Pupil, West Midlands

“I really enjoyed the talk … and found it interesting as I learnt lots of new things about what abortion is and what emotional distress it can cause and lead to, both with the mother and others involved. It allowed me to widen my knowledge on a topic that I usually wouldn’t be interested in.”

– Pupil, West Midlands

“It really showed me how amazing the womb is. Our journey of life is incredible.”

– Pupil, West Midlands (Year 6, Life Before Birth talk)


Very interesting, I’ve learnt a lot.”

– Pupil, Worcestershire


“All talks have been sensitive, informative and useful to students. When you are looking for guest speakers on related topics, I would highly recommend Life.”

– Teacher, London

I must admit I was very sceptical about having a pro-life speaker, especially when we had not had a speaker with opposing views lined up to talk and also because of my preconceptions about pro-life campaigners being placard-holding extremists. [The Life speaker] confounded my expectations and gave a very thought-provoking talk. It is fair to say that our young people get the standard view on abortion as part of sex education and in plenty of other forums and on reflection, [the] talk acted as a balance to this. [The speaker] was quite open and frank about her views and did meet a certain amount of resistance about a subject, which is, of course, a difficult one. However, she was entirely rational and dealt with the subject sensitively. There was certainly no moralising or making any students who may already or may have to in future face choices about unplanned pregnancies, feel “bad”. The talk really got me thinking about the issues involved around the subject and that we are perhaps too accepting of the current way that abortion was handled. Allowing students to question current practice and what they do and don’t consider acceptable was very helpful and being given more information on the subject allows young people to make more informed choices. I would recommend [the Education Officer] as a speaker and felt it was a very valuable experience.”

– Teacher, London


“Our girls were enthralled and eager to volunteer. I was also pleased that in tackling difficult issues such as abortion, Life chose to concentrate on the positive aspect of the development of the baby in the womb rather than resorting to frightening images. I cannot recommend Life talks and workshops highly enough. I would say that a visit from Life should be an essential component of every school’s pastoral programme.”

– Teacher, Dorset


Thank you for helping us deliver such an important part of the curriculum and an even greater lesson on life. Your professionalism allowed the students to make reasoned decisions.”

– Teacher, Berkshire


“[A] number of … Life speakers have done many talks at [our school] over the past few years. They are all excellent speakers. The talks can be both humorous and very profound. Student attention is always very good due to the engaging delivery of the talks.

“One sex education talk from a well-trained Life speaker is as good as a whole series of normal lessons. My experience is that Life talks, particularly on sex education, are better delivered and more relevant than talks given by school nurses or any other professionals in this field.

The presentations and talks are always very well prepared using Powerpoints that include sections from relevant films and documentaries. I have known cases where students come out of a talk from a Life speaker with a changed view on a particular issue.

Life talks give balanced and comprehensive coverage of critical moral issues that relate to young people in our world today. They have become a highly valued component of our school’s religious and moral education programme in the sixth form.”

– Teacher, Kent


A professional and engaging talk by a very competent presenter with one very low ability class and a potentially difficult class. All questions were addressed and a number of pupils commented on their interest in the presentation the next day … Very good, calm, effective and engaging.”

– Teacher, Gloucestershire

Presentation was friendly, informative and gave a very balanced and unbiased view of the information. Through Powerpoint, there was a variety of sourced information, which was extremely thought provoking and reflective.”

– Teacher, Gloucestershire

East Riding

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful conference you did for us. The speakers were excellent and full of enthusiasm and were able to get on the wavelength of the students. They answered their questions fully and certainly got their attention. The presentations were thoroughly professional and of very high quality. We were all delighted that you came and tackled such important issues ‘head on’, yet with great sensitivity. You are doing vital work and doing it so well.”

– Teacher, East Riding


“Very informative – as a school and organisation we have a strong working partnership going back now over many years – from my perspective this was the best opening session in all those years as talk was pitched at the right level for our students. I think the spontaneous round of applause indicates the students’ appreciation of the session.”

– Teacher, Merseyside

“Thank you for an informative session. [The speaker] had a great manner and presenting style which made the material accessible to our students. Clear, organised and a good selection of material.”

– Teacher, Merseyside

This talk was excellent – very engaging for staff and students. The behaviour of students indicates a strong interest both in the topic and the way it has been presented. Thank you!”

– Teacher, Merseyside

Greater Manchester

It made me think about everything we are being told and I’ve never thought of some of these things before.”

– Pupil, Greater Manchester

“It made me realise not to settle for anything less than I deserve.”

– Pupil, Greater Manchester (Relationships talk)


“I remember when I was 16 you came to my school. It certainly helped me to understand what you do and I have kept you in mind. It opened a lot of our eyes – I feel it was valuable to us.”

– Former pupil, writing to Life Head Office

“I have learnt that you always have choices when dealing with abortion and pregnancy and that you are not alone. If you need help the Life Helpline is just a phone call away.”

– Pupil, written feedback