Life before birth

Aimed at Yr 5+ and separate from the abortion debate, this talk looks at the wonderful nature of life and the development of the baby in the womb using 3 & 4D ultrasound images, fetal models, videos and beautifully captured photographs.


What We Cover

  • What makes us special
  • How we are all unique
  • Early stages of development
  • The development of the unborn baby
  • The awe and wonder of life in the womb

Target Audience

This presentation is designed for Year 5 and upwards. It is usually delivered to Year 6.

Possible Formats

We can speak to year groups or to any class size. A typical presentation will last 50-60 minutes (usually a single lesson).

Intended Outcomes

Our aim is to enable audience members to:

  • understand the beginning of their life and the development of the unborn baby
  • understand that Life supports and cares for mothers and their babies
  • be inspired about the miraculous nature of life itself and how special they really are

Topic Authority

  • Life Matters® run one of the largest and most reputable pro-life educational programmes in the country.
  • Pregnancy Matters™, Life’s sister arm, also help over 3,000 clients a year affected by issues relating to pregnancy, abortion and pregnancy loss.

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