Quality of Life

A workshop about quality of life attitudes and their impact on the issues of life and death, including disability abortion, screening technologies and euthanasia.


What We Cover

  • Human rights: what they are and why we have them
  • When human rights begin
  • Stages of our development
  • Case studies and stories
  • Disability
  • Factors affecting our perception of Quality of Life
  • Pregnancy screening techniques and euthanasia

Target Audience

Our Quality of Life presentation is designed for Year 11 up to sixth-form and young adult groups. We can tailor the material depending on the audience.

Possible Formats

We can speak to year groups or to any class size. A typical presentation will last 50-60 minutes (usually a single lesson).

Intended Outcomes

Our aim is to enable audience members to:

  • understand what human rights are and where they come from
  • gain knowledge of how current practices devalue our intrinsic dignity
  • be inspired by their intrinsic worth and dignity – just because of who they are

Topic Authority

  • Life Matters® runs one of the largest and most reputable pro-life educational programmes in the country.
  • In the past five years Life has responded to seven government consultations, two of which (abortion for disability, and prenatal screening) directly relate to the Quality of Life subject matter.
  • Life Matters® has participated in campaigns to urge the government to uphold equality law for babies with disabilities.

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