A discussion about our attitudes towards relationships, impact of the media, possible consequences of a sexual relationship and how to identify healthy relationships.


What We Cover

We have a number of Relationships presentations tailored for different year groups.

  • Making good relationship decisions
  • Different levels of happiness
  • Characteristics of positive and negative relationships
  • Modern myths and attitudes about sex including the media’s influence
  • The risks of premature or casual sexual activity
  • The advantages of saved sex
  • Discussion of risky behaviours
  • Having self-esteem
  • How the choices we make can affect the future we want

Target Audience

We have a number of Relationships presentations, designed for Year 9 up to sixth-form and young adult groups. We can tailor the material depending on the audience.

Possible Formats

We can speak to year groups or to any class size. A typical presentation will last 50-60 minutes (usually a single lesson).

Intended Outcomes

Our aim is to enable audience members to:

  • understand how to make good relationship decisions
  • gain knowledge of support services, including Life’s, that are there to help them
  • be inspired by their intrinsic worth and dignity – just because of who they are – and that they are a gift to their partner.

Topic Authority

  • Pregnancy Matters™ regularly counsels and supports people affected by relationships and sexual health issues.
  • We sat on the government’s Sexual Health Forum for four years until it was disbanded. This forum was the principal advisory board to the government on sexual health and HIV.
  • We have also responded to a government consultation on the government’s PSHE agenda.

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