Party manifestos on abortion

What have we learnt from the party manifestos in the run up to the election on 12 December 2019?


“We will uphold women’s reproductive rights and decriminalise abortions.” – Page 48

“Women in Northern Ireland should have access to abortions in Northern Ireland.” – Page 85

Labour manifesto

Liberal Democrats

We believe that everyone has a right to make independent decisions over their reproductive health without interference by the state, and that access to reproductive healthcare is a human right. We will:

  • Decriminalise abortion across the UK while retaining the existing 24-week limit and legislate for access to abortion facilities within Northern Ireland.
  • Enforce safe zones around abortion clinics, make intimidation or harassment of abortion service users and staf outside clinics, or on common transport routes to these services, illegal.
  • Fund abortion clinics to provide their services free of charge to service users regardless of nationality or residency. – Page 63
Lib Dem manifesto

Green Party

Extend the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights to give women in all EU countries access to legal, safe and affordable abortion services – Page 32

Green Party manifesto

No mention of abortion in manifesto

Conservative Party

Conservative manifesto

Brexit Party

Brexit Party manifesto

Scottish National Party

SNP manifesto

Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru manifesto