Police, Life, and transport information

Police guidelines

We urge all taking part to co-operate by complying with the following requirements:

  1. Do not bunch together in large groups as you walk.  Walk on the pavement, not in the roadway.
  2. Use the pedestrian subways under bridges where you can.
  3. Keep to riverside walkways as far as possible (consult map and ask Stewards for directions).
  4. Keep strictly to the given route.  This is not a road race, do not run, walk at a steady pace.  The setting up of stalls or tables, which may cause an obstruction to the approach of any bridge, is not permitted.  Every walker is responsible for his or her own safety.
  5. All persons under the age of 15 years taking part are to be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Life information

Stewards will be posted at the end of each bridge you cross to monitor your progress and to offer advice and instructions on the next stage of the walk.  The Stewards will mark your Walker’s Record Sheet and monitor you through their checkpoint.

  1. Please note that the bridges are walked in the following order: Tower, London, Southwark, Millennium, Blackfriars, Waterloo, Golden Jubilee (1), Golden Jubilee (2), Westminster and Lambeth.
  2. Walkers and Stewards are encouraged to wear a Life t-shirt. These will be available to collect on the day.

Transport to and from the walk

From Tower Hill Tube Station to the assembly point at the Girl with a Dolphin fountain

Take the stairs down, following signs for ‘Tower of London’, through the underpass and turn left, follow signs to Tower Bridge, through Tower Gardens.  Walk under the road via St. Katherine Docks subway turning right past the glass office building (Tower Bridge House) and International House and walk straight on to the river’s edge, passing Guoman Tower Hotel and Costa Coffee. Turn left for the Dolphin Fountain.

Transport from Lambeth Bridge

  • 3 Bus: Northbound to Westminster Cathedral, Victoria and Pimlico tube
  • 87 Bus: Northbound to Westminster tube, Charing Cross tube and Charing Cross mainline station
  • 211 Bus: Southbound from St. James’s Park tube to Westminster Abbey, Westminster tube, St. Thomas’s Hospital, Waterloo tube and mainline station