Ten Bridges Walk route

The route is 5.5 miles and takes in stunning views of London and its most prestigious landmarks!

Click on the map above to download.

Starting point (12:45pm)

We’re assembling at the Girl with a Dolphin fountain outside the Tower Hotel, E1W 1LD – near the north end of Tower Bridge – at 12:45pm for a 1pm start.

1. Tower Bridge

Cross Tower Bridge on the up river (right hand) side. At the end of the bridge, go down the steps on to the Queen’s Walk. Continue along the riverside past the Mayor’s City Hall, HMS Belfast and Hay’s Galleria. Good view of the Walkie-Talkie building. Our late Queen’s mourners started queuing at London Bridge last year.

2. London Bridge

Go up the steps onto London Bridge, cross the bridge on the down river (right hand) side. Check with the Steward outside Adelaide House. Good view of The Shard from here, the tallest building in Europe. Take the metal steps down on your immediate right adjacent to Adelaide House and follow the lengthy Riverside Walk, walking under a rail bridge, to the end of Three Cranes Walk.

3. Southwark Bridge

Ignore Fruiterers Passage and go up the steps onto Southwark Bridge. Cross the bridge on the down river (left hand) side. Check with the Steward at the South end and go down the steps, before the bus stop. Turn right under the bridge and continue along Riverside Walk past Shakespeare’s Globe.

4. Millennium Bridge

Turn left in front of the Tate Gallery (free toilets in the gallery) and walk up the ramp to cross the Bridge. Steward at St. Paul’s Cathedral end of the bridge. Turn left and go down the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs go right along Paul’s Walk.

5. Blackfriars Bridge

Walk under Blackfriars Rail Bridge, take the steps up to Blackfriars Road Bridge and cross the road here. Turn left and cross Blackfriars Bridge on the up river (right hand) side. Steward at Doggett’s Pub. Here take the steps down and continue along the Thames Path/Queen’s Walk.  (National Theatre has free toilets).

6. Waterloo Bridge

Walk under Waterloo Bridge and turn left to take the stairs up to cross on the up river (left hand) side. Steward at the end of the bridge. Here take the stairs down and cross the road Savoy Place and cross Victoria Embankment at the lights to walk along the riverside, past Cleopatra’s Needle, to Embankment tube.

7/8. Golden Jubilee Bridges

Cross the road at the lights by the tube station and take the steps up to cross the first footbridge. Steward at the end by the lift. (Festival Hall has free toilets).

Go down the stairs to walk under the Hungerford Rail Bridge and immediately take the stairs up to cross the second footbridge. Steward at the end.

Take the stairs down and cross Northumberland Avenue to walk alongside Whitehall Gardens. Keep to this side of Victoria Embankment, avoiding building works on the riverside path. Good view of the Battle of Britain Monument, the London Eye and the New Scotland Yard building.

9. Westminster Bridge

At Westminster Bridge cross the road towards the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Then turn left and cross Westminster Bridge on the up river (right hand) side. This side is less crowded. Steward at the end near the gift stall. Take the stairs down to rejoin the Thames Path.

10. Lambeth Bridge

Continue past the National Covid Memorial Wall, past Lambeth Palace on the left until you come to the stairs to Lambeth Bridge. Take these and cross the bridge on the down river (right hand) side to meet the final Steward.

Refreshments afterwards

Join us for refreshments and raffle prizes at: Westminster Hilton, 30 John Islip Street, a short walk away. We will be in the Boothroyd Room.