Laura Higgins

Laura was born into the work of Life following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother who was one of the founders of the first Life group in Blackpool. Laura works fulltime as a primary school teacher and is a mother to three children. Laura holds BACP qualifications and has experience using her listening and counselling skills specialising in pregnancy-loss and post-abortion counselling. Her dedication to Life has been relentless, having worked as the Life Regional Representative for the North West region.

 Annabel Osborn

Annabel Osborn is a project manager, who has worked for companies and charities to consolidate ideas, strategise and launch new ventures. Annabel loves getting to the heart of what it is that drives individuals and organisations, in order to help turn their dreams into realities. This has encompassed one-to-one interviews with women on how best to support them with their pregnancies with The Good Counsel Network, to helping turn a start-up into a medium sized business, and leading their successful bid to win the Merton Best Business Awards.

Annabel has implemented company and charity-wide systems, coordinated thousands of hours of volunteer work, created company policies and specialised in conceptualising, branding and implementing new projects and services.

Annabel holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Religious Studies from Cardiff University. She is the wife of Francis, the mother of two, and is currently employed as a Project Account Manager for Rowanvale Books

Jonathan Wright

Jonathan  Wright works as a lawyer specialising in residential  and commercial property. Jonathan became a trustee of Life in 2015 and is the current chair of the board

Outside of work as a lawyer, Jonathan has built up a good level of experience in the charitable sector. He was involved in the foundation of City Church Birmingham in 1999 and served as part of the leadership of that Church until 2003. He became a trustee of a pre-school charity in 2010 and soon afterward became chair of trustees, where he continues to serve. He is currently involved with a team looking to plant a new church in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

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