Decriminalisation proposal

Current proposals will strip any legal protection from people before they are born. Human life needs legal protection.

Legal Implications

The bill that Diana Johnson will introduce to the House of Commons on 23 October proposes drastic changes to abortion in the UK. A brief summary of the bill can be seen here.  At this stage, the Offence Against the Person Act (1861) OAPA is being targeted for key changes. At some stage, the Infant Life (Preservation) Act (1945) may also be at risk of being repealed

Ms Johnson’s bill proposal addressing sections 58, 59 and 60 of OAPA

Abortion on Demand – no legal sanctions for women at any stage in pregnancy

Undermining section 58 and 59, would remove abortion from the framework of the law up to 24 weeks, and abortion would be legally provided on demand, for any reason. Furthermore, women’s culpability is also removed from law at any stage during pregnancy, as self-abortion or ’DIY abortion,’ using any means, would be legalised right up to birth. Repealing section 60 would mean a woman can self-abort at any time during the pregnancy, hide the body of the child and not report it without committing an offence under the OAPA.

Repeal of Infant Life (Preservation) Act (1945)

Unrestricted abortion to birth

If the Infant Life (Preservation) Act 1929 is also repealed, abortions could be legally carried out, without restriction, up to birth in England and Wales.

For more information about the current proposals to change the abortion laws please read the full briefing

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