Payment terms


How we manage payment:

We are offering a Special Introductory Offer with an all-inclusive total fee of £350.00.  Learners pay the first part of their chosen payment at registration, at which point access is given to the course materials. The payment can be made in full, or you could choose one of our preferred payment methods below at 0% interest:

  • 1 full amount of £350.00
  • 2 equal parts of £175.00
  • 3 equal parts of £116.66 + 0.02p
  • 4 equal parts of £ 87.50
  • 5 equal parts of £ 70.00
  • 6 equal parts of £ 58.33 + 0.02p

The maximum length a payment can be extended is over six months with no added interest on payments that you make. This may be reviewed in some cases at our discretion. Please call for further advice.

“You may be eligible to apply for an advance learner or student loan to help with the costs of a course at a college or training provider in England. Loan eligibility does not depend on your income and there are no credit checks”.  Source: Please go to the links below for more information.

How we manage non-payment:  

If you are experiencing financial hardship after signing up to our course – we could:

  1. given learners the option to set up a revised payment plan to help pay for the course.
  2. extend the payments making the amount you pay back smaller but the time you repay what you owe would extend over a longer period, this would require us to,
  3. find out more about your financial status therefore, you will need to fill out an expenditure form.
  4. continued non-payment will be pursued by a Debt Collection Agency.

Learners who fail to make payments after a revised payment plan has been arranged will be subject to the following 5 stages of our debt management procedures:

  1. Learner will be contacted and reminded of non-payment by email. (stage 1)
  2. Learner will be warned of potential legal action in a second email if non-payment continues. (stage 2)
  3. Letter sent to home address informing of the consequences of non-payment and the 2nd warning of potential legal action. (stage 3)
  4. Learner will have 14 days from date of the final letter sent to either set up a revised payment plan to make payment before being referred to a Debt Collection Agency. (stage 4)
  5. The final stage (stage 5). Referral to a Debt Collection Agency. Interest and legal fees will be added to the debt, and both your credit rating and future loan applications could be affected.