Five great reasons to volunteer for Life NI! 

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s better to give than to receive”. However, in our increasingly hectic lives, full of work and family commitments and the ever-present pressure of social media, this simple call for kindness and charity can sometimes be pushed aside. But research has shown that volunteering, doing good simply for the sake of doing good, has numerous advantages and can in fact help combat the strains and stresses faced in daily life.  

Here are five great benefits that can come from volunteering for Life NI. 

1. It’s a great way to meet people 

Volunteering links you in with a whole group of people who have a shared interest, and helps you become part of a community. Not only can you meet people and make new friends, you can support each other, share experiences and improve your self-confidence. 

2. You can learn new skills  

When volunteering for Life you have the chance to develop many skills, including teamwork and communication. In our charity shops you can gain retail experience and customer service skills. Those volunteering in our hostel have the opportunity to complete a counselling course to help them work with vulnerable women.  

3. It’s good for both your mind and body 

There’s a strong link between volunteering and improved mental health and general wellbeing. Helping other people contributes to an increase in mood, and also provides a sense of self-accomplishment, which in turn combats stress and anxiety. It can also be physically beneficial, as being less stressed lowers blood pressure and lessens pain. 

4. It’s fun! 

You get to hang out with your friends, have a chat and work together to support women going through an unexpected or difficult pregnancy – what could be more rewarding than that?! 

5. It really makes a difference 

The greatest benefit of volunteering is the real impact you’ll have on the work we do at Life. You’ll help us to raise funds that go directly to helping us support women both in our hostels and through our community and practical support, as well as promoting our services. As a member of staff it’s always such an encouragement to see how passionate and hardworking our volunteers are, and how much they care about the work we do! 

But don’t just take my word on all these great benefits that come from volunteering for Life NI! Some of our volunteers have said:  

“…at Life NI we can see first hand the support and help it gives to those in need…” 

“I adore the heart behind Life NI . . . volunteering for this organisation is special as it doesn’t affect just one life but two!” 

“Not only is it a charity with a great ethos it is also giving back practically to the local community…” 

“…I really enjoy my time in the shop…everyone is so friendly and we get on really well…” 

Are you interested in volunteering with Life? 

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