Life instructs solicitors to begin legal action against Lambeth Council

Life has instructed solicitors to begin legal action against Lambeth Council for defamation, breach of contract and interference with our right to freedom of expression following our expulsion from the Lambeth Country Show. On the second day of the Lambeth Country Show, without any forewarning or discussion, Life’s stall was dismantled by the show organisers… Read more »

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Take action to ensure university campuses remain places of healthy debate

Life is calling for urgent action to ensure university student unions are not allowed to impede free speech on university campuses. We welcome the report this morning by the Higher Education Policy Institute which calls for measures to protect free speech at universities. We also note the report’s observation that student unions currently are subject… Read more »

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Who owns my body?

There are perhaps three key ideas that are repeated over and over (and over) again in Ann Furedi’s book The Moral Case for Abortion. The first of these is that all morality boils down to the individual choice not the wider outcome; the second is that the concept of ‘person’ is reserved only for those… Read more »

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