Bill hijacking by the abortion lobby

On Monday, amendments which would have legalised abortion on demand failed to pass through the House of Commons. In this blog we reflect on the tactics of the abortion lobby. Bill Hijacking 101 Understand the composition of the House of Commons by testing your support with a private members bill which you know wouldn’t pass… Read more »

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Help Life bounce back

Page last updated 2 July 2020. #1: Help Life Retail As the government lifts lockdown and lets shops open, our Retail stores need to hit the ground running and bring in income to Life. 1. Save your pre-loved items A dress, handbag, and necklace for £11? They could house a mum and baby for a… Read more »

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The pregnancy test question

You will have seen from our Impact Reports that our free pregnancy tests are in great demand. I was asked a couple of times last week – “ If Life stopped posting out pregnancy tests wouldn’t that save the Charity money” – of course the answer is yes it would save money… but at what cost? You may not be aware that each pregnancy… Read more »

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