The pregnancy test question

You will have seen from our Impact Reports that our free pregnancy tests are in great demand. I was asked a couple of times last week – “ If Life stopped posting out pregnancy tests wouldn’t that save the Charity money” – of course the answer is yes it would save money… but at what cost? You may not be aware that each pregnancy… Read more »

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Life in COVID-19

Unprecedented times These words are all I seem to hear at the moment. In every shop I enter, every radio station I tune into, every news feature I watch (although I must admit I have begun to avoid the news at times opting for the safety of Gardeners’ World or Peppa Pig). But the truth… Read more »

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Strange times

This week’s blog has been a tough one to write. The reality is that normal life isn’t normal at the moment and although there’s still plenty to talk about, there are many topics currently taking up space in our minds. So, if you’ll allow me, I’ll talk about a few things that I’ve been thinking about and… Read more »

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