<b>LIFE Education</b> - Working in partnership with schools to provide young people with up-to-date, evidence-based information. Inspiring students to think for themselves on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, reproductive technologies and relationships. <b>LIFE Care</b> - Our network of Care Centres, National Helpline and Text to Talk service provide non-directive counselling and support for anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy, suffering the loss of a baby or coping after abortion. <b>LIFE Fertility Care</b> - An alternative to IVF. <b>LIFE Housing</b> - We provide supported accommodation through a network of 24 Houses to pregnant women and young mothers and their babies. The Houses and our Floating Support Service support these young women to achieve independent living.

Upholding the utmost respect for human life from fertilisation

Are you

Opposed to all forms of discrimination
e.g. gender, disability and age?

Do you believe that every human being should be equal before the law?

Do you think women deserve positive alternatives to abortion in a crisis pregnancy?

If you agree that there’s a better way, join us.

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