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In loving memory of Nuala Scarisbrick 1939 - 2021

In loving memory of Nuala Scarisbrick 1939 - 2021


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Nuala awoke in me a passion to save lives that I never realised I had. Thank you Nuala.

David Bennett

When I think of Nuala, the words of Saint John Henry Newman come to mind…may she rest in peace.
“God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission. I may never know it in this life, but I shall be told it in the next. I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. He has not created me for naught. I shall do good; I shall do His work. I shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my own place, while not intending it if I do but keep His commandments. Therefore, I will trust Him, whatever I am, I can never be thrown away. If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve Him, in perplexity, my perplexity may serve Him. If I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve Him. He does nothing in vain. He knows what He is about. He may take away my friends. He may throw me among strangers. He may make me feel desolate, make my spirits sink, hide my future from me. Still, He knows what He is about.”

Rev Stephen Sharpe

Dearest Nuala….. Thank you for all the wonderful memories that i have of you from all my years working for Life. You were a beautiful, caring and compassionate person, inside and out. May you now rest in peace. x

Emma Turner

In paradisuum deducant te Angeli;

In tuo adventu suscipiant te martyres,

Et perducant te in

Civitatem sanctam Ierusalem.

Chorus angelorum te suscipiat,

Et cum Lazaro quondam paupere

Aeternam habeas requiem.

May the angels lead you into paradise;

May the martyrs come to welcome you

And take you to the holy city Jerusalem.

May choirs of angels receive you and lead you

to where Lazarus is poor no longer,

May you have eternal rest

God bless Nuala , ever passionate and strong

Rest well fair lady.

Liz Lloyd

I began working for Life in October 2001 because I believe in the fundamental principles it is built on. I had the privilege of meeting Nuala a few times over the years, on the mainland and in Belfast. Nuala was such a warm, beautiful and enigmatic person and she will be greatly missed by everyone who met her along the way. My heartfelt condolences to Jack and family as well as everyone in Life at this devastating news.

Julie Clark

May this Courageous Defender of Unborn Children now hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord!”

Michael Cowie

Nuala was such a lovely lady with a great passion for LIE and its work.
Maire would have joined me in my awe of all her work. She gave so much.
May she rest in peace.

Jean M Johnson

Fond memories of a great campaigner

Richard Chamberlain

I first met Nuala and Jack in 1972 and she had all the inspirational qualities and practical help for Life’s work.
She was a beautiful person and her legacy, apart from her family, is all those mothers and babies she has helped.
So sad for her family and I send my love and prayers. x

Kathy Campbell

As a long term Life supporter (since the 1980s) I have many memories of Nuala at work in Life from Conferences to visits to our groups, to phone advice when needed as problems arose. We were always aware of her sympathetic ear and sound judgement, which nevertheless expected others to make an effort and not just lean on ‘HO’. There is no doubt that much of Life’s achievements grew from Nuala’s energy and ability to organise and we can never be sufficiently grateful for her constant presence at the hub of activities.
May she rest in peace and may her family take some comfort from her amazing contribution to Life over the years.

Margaret Nosowska

Nuala and Jack were so supportive when it was proposed to open the Weymouth Baby Charity Shop in 1992 and loaned some ‘seed’ funding to get us started. Combined with a Counselling and Caring service it was immediately successful. Today, the Charity Shop is still going strong on Weymouth’s Esplanade and is an integral part of the town. (We attach a photo of the original shop as Nuala and Jack would recognise it)
We offer prayers for Jack and his family at this time and have arranged a Mass to be said for the repose of Nuala’s soul.

John and Joyce Fannon (Weymouth)

An inspiring person

Fr Derek and Margaret Turnham

I well recall, not only Nuala’s total commitment to the pro-life cause, but the bubbling charm and effervescence that she brought to everything she did: a life well lived.

Nicholas Fogg

Our most sincere for your great loss and much love to you all!

Reggie and Emilly Norton, The Calpe Trust.

Sending love and prayers to all your family and friends. May you rest in peace in gods loving arms.

God bless from all in the Archdiocese of Birmingham Union of Catholic Mothers

Eileen Priest, Archdiocesan President of the Union of Catholic Mothers

It was always a pleasure meeting Nuala whenever she visited Life House in Leamington Spa with her husband Jack. Whether it was for a staff occasion, charitable activity, or Christmas get together, she’d always take the time to speak to everybody and was always up for a laugh.

A courageous and tireless campaigner, she fought hard for the lives of many children. Her passion and commitment to the cause is truly inspiring. My thoughts are the Scarisbrick family during this time.

Tom Gower

How her family will miss this wonderful lady!My sympathy goes to them. But what a welcome and reward must surely await her now, after all those lives she has saved during her life of service here!

Jennifer Gunstone

Very sad news.
When others looked away, Nuala was one of the few who did not.
Her life, as a truly outstanding and tireless defender of those most in need of help, became a shining example of what courage, decency and sheer hard work can achieve.
My deepest condolences to all her family and friends in their loss.


You fought the good fight now rest in peace with your eternal reward

I’m sure Nuala is receiving her reward in Heaven. Thank you for all you have done for the protection of the unborn and for the lives you saved and helped.

Nicholas Bennett

So sorry to read of the Death of Nuala yesterday. She was a remarkable Lady and the driving Force of Life together with her Husband Jack.Love and Prayers for Nuala her Husband and two daughters.

Mrs. Gerry Johnson

Jack, It is some years since we last corresponded – but the good work of both you and your wife lives on – work which I first encountered in the early 1970’s and the practical effects of your work far,far outweighs the work undertaken by some other supposedly “charitable” organisations who now behave more like a “business” than a charitable institution.

One of the above now having ,according to their accounts as submitted to Company House, over two million pounds held “in reserve”, yet still continues to ask their supporters for even more money!!

The people in charge (or originally in charge, of both) formed two companies, one of which is a charity and one that is not – the money held in reserve appears in the accounts of the latter – the non charitable company – yet both companies are run by the same people and supposedly, for the same “charitable”objectives!!

Kevin S Riley Solicitor

Nuala was a very special person in all sorts of ways.
When she gave her talks, you could have heard a pin drop.
Unforgettable, a precious gift from God.

Cyprian Blamires, Market Harborough

Nuala clearly started something big that has helped countless people, even though she’d probably be the first to say that there’s so much still to do. I give thanks for her life and for her calling, and for the ongoing work that she helped set in motion.

bill sanderson

Well done, good and faithful servant. May you rest in peace and rise in glory!

Charles Melville Wright

Sending love and prayers to all your family and friends. May you rest in peace in gods loving arms.

God bless from all in the Archdiocese of Birmingham Union of Catholic Mothers

Eileen Priest, Archdiocesan President of the Union of Catholic Mothers

I met her at a Mother’s Conference. She was already slowing down but listened very intently and was compassionate and supportive. The flame still burned!

She has indeed spent “her heaven doing good upon the earth”! Her legacy will certainly continue to bless many future generations.

Sean & Margaret McGettrick

Dear Professor Scarrisbrick,
I send my since condolences upon the death of your beautiful Nuala, whom I met with yourself, a few times both in Leamington Spa and Leicester. I was a member of staff at Bowling Green Street for some time. It was/is a truly remarkable feat that you both accomplished, beginning with your home telephone number in your local newspaper after the heinous Abortion Act came into being.
Nuala was not only beautiful to look at but a beautiful charming lady too. I extend to you and your family my sincere condolences, and I am sure Our Lady and all the Angels, were there to greet her.


Our condolences to Professor Scarisbrick and his family. We pray for and remember a very brave and inspiring lady who saved so many lives. Regina worked in the Life Office in Oxford Street when we lived in London in the 1970s and witnessed at first hand the vital importance of Life’s work, now more important and urgent than ever as the whole of the British Isles succumbs to the culture of death. May she rest in peace.

Brian and Regina Teahan and family

My deepest sympathy goes to Jack, Emma, Sarah and all of Nuala’s family. I thought of her and Jack just yesterday! So sorry to hear this news today. Long may her legacy of Life continue, saving even more lives in the future! Rest in the peace of Christ.

Marianne Cook, Basingstoke and NE Hants Life Group

When I think of Nualla, the memory of my visit to their house in Leamington Spa in 2014 comes to mind. I was hosted by Jack and Nuala Scarisbrick to acquaint myself with the operations of LIFE, a pro-life charity in the UK that owes its foundation to the Scarisbricks. At the welcoming dinner in their house, she repeatedly encouraged me to eat more with these words when she served me something: Fr. Ambrose, give this a home! I am thankful to God that in my lifetime, I had an opportunity to meet such a nice person who cared for the wellbeing of others and offered herself to that cause. The Pro-Life Movement in Uganda owes a debt of gratitude to Nualla for her tireless effort to promote the gift of life. We pray for her eternal repose. Amen

Fr. Ambrose J. Bwangatto – Kampala, UGANDA

With deep sorrow and also many happy memories of our journey with Nuala over the last 40 years. Our prayers and thoughts are with Jack and family. Rest in peace Nuala – you have fun the race to the finish. With love from Margaret and Stan Barron in Redcar.

Margaret and Stan Barron in Redcar

Deep respect from Lowestoft and East Anglia in memory of Nuala’s model inspiration, compassion and gracious advocacy of precious human life.
Prayers and thoughts with the family. God bless.

Christopher Brooks

Nuala has had a profound and lasting influence on all the issues ‘Life’ has dealt with over the years. She leaves a legacy which will continue to affect people for years to come. We pray she is with the Lord and pray also for Jack and the family.

Monsignor Canon Vincent Harvey

Every life is valuable but some leave a bigger footprint.

Steve Hay, Life suporter

I wish to express personal thanks for all the liaison Nuala put in place to help me make the ITV documentary about the Coventry Life group in the 1970s. At least one baby was saved as a result of the film. May the angels lead her into paradise.

Bernard Cartwright

Dear Jack, your family and all at LIFE,
my sincere condolences to you all although I know Nuala’s life and work will be remembered and influencial forever. From her heavenly home she will be even more helpful than before I believe! I was privileged to be a volunteer for Bristol LIFE group for a number of years and met Nuala (and Jack) a number of times, even being welcomed into their home. I have always believed that neither Jack or Nuala have received the national or international recognition they deserve in society but I am sure God’s reward will surpass all earthly honours. RIP.

Gerard Payne

“Amazing” is a much over-used word these days but in the case of Nuala it barely does her justice. Deepest condolences to Jack and his family. May she rest in peace.

John and Margaret de Waal

You fought the good fight now rest in peace with your eternal reward

Rest in peace Nuala. The Pro Life Movement owes you a great debt of gratitude.
condolences to Jack and all the Family.
Derek and Christine Woodfield.

It is a feature of great people that they achieve remarkable things without appearing to do anything special. Nuala achieved great things developing Life’s caring services in the face of hostile media and opposition from all quarters. She will be greatly missed in this world but surely welcomed with open arms in the next.

Peter Spencer

Nuala and Jack, you made a real team. Jack , life will not be the same without beautiful Nuala. May she rest in peace. It has been a privilege to have known both you and Nuala over 40 years from the early Life conferences to when you opened our second Life House in Bristol and visited our shop in Derby. Many happy memories of a very gracious lady.

Margaret O’Neill

You have done so much for the pro-life movement. May God bless your soul.

Harry Marchant

A great loss to the prolife family. May she enjoy her eternal reward in the loving arms of Jesus. Blessings and condolences to her family.

Tom, Belfast

Nuala was one of my bosses when I started working at Life in 2004. She was a warm, compassionate person who managed to combine firmness with kindness in a most unusual way. I missed her when she retired from Life and I will always remember working with her and her editing of my press releases. She will live on in her lasting legacy through the work of Life, providing care and support for thousands of women in crisis.
May her soul rest in peace and may her wonderful smile melt hearts in heaven. Rest in peace Nuala. My condolences to Jack and all the family on their loss.

Mark Bhagwandin

So very sorry to hear of Nuala’s death. She was a great Lady. I watched her receive the Catholic Woman of the Year award many years ago. Condolences to Jack and daughters. Best wishes, Helen Parmiter

Helen Parmiter

Wishing the family peace at this sad time xx
Nuala came to my parish in Redhill, Surrey to speak once – a truly compassionate and committed lady .
Eternal rest grant to her O Lord xxx

sarah lee

From someone who has been a Life member from the start,l was privalaged to have meet Nuala several times, she was indeed a very special lady my condolences go to Jack and. family,she will be sorely missed 🙏🙏🙏


I am so sorry to hear of Nuala’s death, but I am sure that she will be received joyfully by the Lord for her wonderful life saving and compassionate work. We knew her from the Coventry LC&H group which I chaired. Our condolences to her family and our respect for who she was and what she did

Guy Wilkinson

Thank you for your wonderful work that has saved countless lives . Rest in Peace

Sir Edward Leigh MP

Rest in well deserved peace Nuala. We need many more people like you in this world.

Sally (Life member)

On behalf of Ipswich LIFE, the sixth group in the country to be founded, I send our condolences. Teresa Cleary and Rosemary Southworth, who were our co-founders in the early 1970s, said how supportive Nuala was when she and Jack came to advise them on setting up the group. Members have said how, on their 1992 visit when the Ipswich LIFE shop was founded, or on the numerous occasions when she came to regional conferences in E Anglia, Nuala was always very positive and supportive. She was a great encouragement, enthusing the group to run numerous fundraising activities, – from coffee mornings and light lunches to cakes and conserves or coffee and carols – not to mention the appeals in churches and local groups of all sorts. The word most used about Nuala was that she was a great inspiration. Indeed, in the early days this even led to some members accommodating a girl with her baby, in their own home. On a lighter note, those who went to annual national conferences recalled how, after the annual dinner, Nuala and Jack took to the floor at the dances! She was a wonderful woman.
May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

Judy Fell, Ipswich LIFE chairman

Judy Fell, Ipswich LIFE Chairman

I felt truly sad to hear of Nuala’s death and send my sincere condolences to Jack and family. I’m a life-long supporter of Life and ran the London Harley Street counselling centre in the 1980s after Sheila Kelly retired. I feel proud to have been part of the movement and was especially inspired by Nuala – she was an incredible role model – so humble and hard-working for so many years with no let-up. May she rest in well-deserved peace.

Maggie Cooke

I first saw Nuala at the very first anti abortion meeting in Sheffield in 1971 and was entranced, and have been throughout LIFE,s 50 years. It’s been a huge privilege to work with Nuala both as a volunteer and later as an employee. She was always so full of energy and enthusiasm for all aspects of LIFE’S work, Caring, Education and Political work. A short message cannot do justice to this beautiful woman! There are so many memories of prolife work, conferences, and meals at Kenilworth Road! Nuala and I had the same birthday and often joked that we were ‘twins’. My ‘twin’ has left this life for the eternal dwelling places- and I shall miss her!!
My love, prayers and condolences to you Jack, to Emma and Sarah and all the family. Xx. Rest in Peace darling Nuala.

Eileen Maher. Sheffield

A patient, determined lady of peace who achieved so much. A good example of humility beside an evermore determined, focused, achieving husband.
Bless you for your example and love and compassion for so many mums babies and volunteers over the years. Enjoy your much deserved rest. Blessings to all your family.

Laura Middleton.

Even though I didn’t know the lady I can se from her expression that she was a joyful and happy person May she in peace

Well done Nuala God Bless you for all you’ve done to save the lives of the unborn I didn’t know you but thank you

A lovely lady. She will be missed by all who knew her.

Deacon Mel Harwood

I am deeply saddened by news of Nuala’s death. She was a wonderful woman. We nicknamed her “English Mama” because of the way she cared for me and my colleague from Life Nigeria when we attended the “LIFE at 40 Conference” in 2010 and stayed with her and her darling husband, Jack. Her death is a huge loss, but we can find consolation in the beautiful life she lived and the legacies she left behind. May God grant her the rest she deserves after such an amazing life in His service, amen.

Ifeanyi Muonagor

My thoughts and prayers go to Nuala’s family, remembering her wonderful contribution to the fight for life for mothers and babies, and in the wider sense, her fight for the right to life of every single one of us, and thanking God for the gift of her life. May she rest in peace.

Ann Farmer.

Dear Jack and family and the whole Life family.
My mum volunteered in Croydon (counselling) and gave Life talks. I gave Life talks and met Nuala at one of them. She was supportive, engaged, interested and caring. I felt her warmth and support as well as he clarity and professionalism. Our shared faith was a bedrock as well. I feel blessed to have had time with her.

Kate jarvis née Weeks.

Dear Jack, Please accept my sincere condolences to yourself and your family over the sad loss of Nuala.
Such a difficult time for you all
Surely she has been promoted to glory in heaven
Take care yourself

Sarah (Sally) Fallon

A Life of great achievement and due a well earned rest in eternity. God bless and may your spirit journey blissfully to the eternal home.

Pike family

A Life of great achievement and due a well earned rest in eternity. God bless and may your spirit journey blissfully to the eternal home.

Pike family

Nuala was the epitome of a Lady, in every sense of the word…refined and well spoken. She was also beautiful, intelligent and extremely articulate but above all else she was a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.
As a close friend of Sarah’s I was lucky enough to get a job working at Life when my children were small, though I ended up staying for 7 years. During that time I was privileged to see Nuala in action…she was passionate and driven and was certainly a force to be reckoned with, but never did I hear her raise her voice. She was a quiet assassin, and you always needed to be wary when she lowered her voice, as I found out personally one day! I must say it was before I started working at Life and was a good lesson to learn early on whilst I was young enough to learn from it, ask Sarah for further details 😉
Nuala was also huge fun and some of the best times I remember are around her & Jacks kitchen table eating supper and drinking a wine or two. It was especially fun if Carol, her sister was involved, the cigarettes would come out and so would the stories…such special memories for me.
Nuala will live on most definitely not only in the work her and Jack started, but in the fabulously loving and caring family she leaves behind, what a legacy!
Rest In Peace dearest Nuala, with love always ❤️

Nicky Blockley

An inspirational woman. All those baby souls to greet you. Rest in peace

Anna Allan.

Rest in peace Nuala, after your life’s commitment to Life and all that it stands for.
I will carry Jack and and your family in prayer and thoughts.

May her soul rest in perfect peace. God Almighty comfort her husband and children and the entire staff of Life in Jesus Mighty Name amen.

I was so very sorry to hear of Nuala’s passing. She was a truly wonderful, inspirational and compassionate woman that I had the privilege of working alongside for many years in her tireless pursuit of justice for the unborn child. May the legacy that she and Jack created live on forever. My deepest condolences to Jack, Emma and Sarah.

Anne Scanlan

Nuala will be remembered with great affection by all who met her, especially for her tremendous Pro-Life work since the appalling 1967 Act.
This gracious, charming lady was a pleasure to talk with at Zoe’s Place , etc. ” a long life, well lived, need not be mourned”

Keith & Pauline McAllister LIFE Darlington / North East

Ti never met the lady but but I have only heard so many good things about her.RIP

David Sant

What a wonderful human being. An extraordinary lady who dedicated her life to doing God’s work.

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Mt 25:40).

Rest in heavenly peace, Nuala.

Stephen Yates

My sincere condolences to Jack and all the family. Nuala was a truly inspirational woman.
May she Rest in Peace

Margaret Fletcher

I remmember Nuala as a commited persausive force for the protection of the unborn. I first met her through our family priest who took me to her home in Leaminton. We talked about this new organisation she was starting to care for expectant moms who needed help to cope with the pregnancy. I was impressed with Jack and Nuala’s enthusiasm and passion to fight for the life of unwanted babies now that the abortion act had been passed. I became commied to Life and have worked for them ever since. Thank you Nuala for your inpiration I will always remmember you with pride.

Ann Marie Terry

Dear Jack, Emma, Sarah & Families,
I am so very sad that you have lost Dear Nuala.
Jack, you & Nuala, have a very special place in my heart dating back to the birth of the Life Organisation.
As a G.P. in Leamington after Abortion Act it often felt very lonely in my Medical Practice where one was a lone voice speaking up for the unborn child. I found the emotional support & the physical help that was offered to ‘ unmarried mothers ‘ a tremendous help. It was very positive to be able to suggest alternatives to abortion.
Years later one of my colleagues said he wished he had taken the stand I had all those years before.

Please accept my condolences at this very difficult time.

Veronica Hyland

Veronica Hyland

Dear Jack,
So very sorry to hear of Nuala’s death. We hardly knew her but even so it feels like a very dear member of the family has been lost. Such a graceful, brave and inspiring woman.
May Our Lady of Perpetual Succour console you.
With our love,
Jonathan and Susie Steven

Thank you for all you did for the unborn children and their families. May you rest in peace xx


To Professor Jack, daughters, grand / great-grand children and other family members, my prayers, thoughts and sympathy are with you on the loss of your beloved Nuala. May all the good she has done, live long after her.

Veronica S. Life member

An inspirational woman. All those baby souls to greet you. Rest in peace

Anna Allan.

A remarkable person who acted on her convictions and dedicated herself wholeheartedly with Jack, her husband, to setting up and maintaining this great movement which has helped so many women and babies.

Maureen Hazelwood

Nuala Scarisbrick was an energetic and tireless campaigner for the rights of unborn children and unsupported mothers. She was a very capable and good hearted lady and the Life moment is very grateful for her dedicated service. My heart and thought are with Jack and his family; may they find some comfort in this book of condolence.

John Hanger

My sincere condolences to Professor Scarisbrick and family. I met Nuala in the 1980s and she inspired my commitment to the pro life cause. She was always patient and kind and encouraged our efforts to provide Life pregnancy counselling in Hull, Durham and Stirling. She always had a mischievous twinkle in her eye and we all adored her. Her beautiful character has influenced so many. With respects and sadness.

Michael Willis

May Nuala Rest In Peace and her work on earth be blessed and fruitful.

An amazing women and one which I have very fond memories of it. Her passion shone through with all the work she did for the charity

Vicky O’Brien

So saddened to hear of the death of nuala, she was such a stalwart in defending the unborn and their mothers. I think I first met her in London on the massive anti abortion rally with over 80,000 people to try and stop the passing of the abhorrent abortion act. I was there with my mother. Not long after life was formed by nuala and Jack and it is due to the that life still has such an active following. May God bless nuala for her unwavering endeavours . May she rest in peace. Condolences to Jack and all their family.

Bernadette rose

Nuala was a lovely and caring lady and will be greatly missed in the Life movement, she inspired so many to take up the prolife cause and on behalf of all the North East region and its members I like to offer deepest sympathy to Jack and her family. God Bless,

Steve Smurthwaite (life Middlesbrough)

A truly special woman whose deep compassionate and practical action to help women and their unborn children will live on a special legacy. Deepest condolences to her family

What a powerful but gentle woman! A truly inspiring life. Comfort and peace to the family

Jenny Bright

On behalf of Maryvale Institute I would like to pass on our deepest condolences at your sad loss. We shall pray for her and for you all.
Personally I shall say Mass for Nuala who was such a force for good in the defence of innocent human life and the maintenance of decent values in our country.

Fr Michael Cullinan

God bless and rest the beautiful soul of Nuala. May God protect and guide her family and friend’s throughout! Jesus I trust in You!

Christine McGuiness

We have fond memories of Nuala and send our condolences to Jack and his family.

Christine Wall and all the former volunteers from Reading Life.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nuala on a few occasions when she visited the hospice and at some events. She was always very kind and gentle. God bless you, rest in peace

Claire Mawson Eccles

Nuala played an integral role in starting Life in Northern Ireland. Over the last 40 years and many visits Nuala inspired, challenged and lead by example, she will be sorely missed by staff and friends in Northern Ireland. Our deepest sympathy to Jack and family. Rest in Peace.

Joanne Doak, Life NI

We shall miss Nuala who was a beautiful, kind, clever and dignified woman. She was devoted to her family and her charity work . An example to us all .

Bob and Jane Mackenzie

There is no abortion in Heaven . God bless.!


Nuala’s tireless loving work in the pro-life movement helped to inspire me as a young man to get involved. And her shining Christian example certainly encouraged me in my faith. I pray that her legacy will be continue to inspire and encourage others in defence of the unborn child and in the Christian faith she so cherished. My condolences to Jack and her family. I will say Mass for the repose of the soul. Requiescat in pace.

Fr. Samuel Burke OP

Dear Jack and family,
Thank you for your beautiful wife and mother who embraced the babies in the womb – the ones with the least rights in our fallen world.
May God welcome her into heaven with a standing ovation from the Church triumphant!
Well done thou good and faithful servant Nuala, the Rose of Tralee x
Trudi Denham and family (Blackpool Life)

Trudi Denham

Our heartfelt condolences to Jack and his daughters who mourn their beloved Nuala. We were privileged to have known her and shared in the work she loved and carried out so gracefully, tirelessly and with such determination, for unborn children and their mothers. She was an inspiration to many in the pro-life movement. What a wonderful legacy she has left! May she rest in everlasting peace.

Roy & Pat Macgregor

Too many good people are dying and Nuala was one of the best.

God bless

`Damien Sarsfield

May God bless and keep you, a wonderful life spent on caring about the life of all humanity.


Dear Jack,
I was so very sorry to hear of Nuala’s passing. She was such a wonderful woman. For the few years I was privileged to work with you in Education for LIFE, she was so kind, caring, encouraging, helpful, and so crystal clear on all the issues. I learned so much from her in countless ways. She helped lift our spirits, and she enabled each member of the team to feel valued, taking a keen interest in each of us and our lives. No wonder the LIFE Headquarters were such a happy place to be.

Jack, we will be forever grateful to you and dear Nuala for all you have selflessly and sacrificially done to save precious lives and support families. You have promoted and taught about pro-life issues in the world, in such an intelligent, accessible, reasonable, and loving manner. For this reason I have always been proud to introduce LIFE to anybody in need, to sing your praises as a charity wherever the occasion has arisen.

I thank and praise our gracious God for Nuala’s life and work. Her shining legacy will last into eternity.
In the meantime, Jack, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May God comfort, strengthen and sustain you.
With my love

Sarah Fuller

I will pray for Nuala in my daily rosary. I became involved with LIFE in my late twenties helping as a counsellor I thought Nuala was lovely; she was always genuine to everybody. What an example of a ‘Life Well Lived’ And somebody who lived the quote by a famous Irish man, ‘all it takes for evil to survive is for good people to do nothing.’ A wonderful example for others to follow. God Bless


God rest your soul Nuala. I feel part of my personal history has passed with her. My prayers are for Nuala, Jack and family.

Gill Duval

May your leaving us bring forth others of us who have lacked your courage. What a wonderful welcome awaits you in paradise – and in that heavenly realm lies a place by your side for your equally inspiring husband. Of that there’s little doubt. Rest in blissful peace. Amen.


All my heartfelt condolences to dear Nuala’s family, and many friends – what a genuine lifeforce she was – warm, dynamic, committed, laughing, great fun – a truly unforgettable person who was a real inspiration to me. I treasure the memories and may her soul watch over us now.

Mary Kenny

We were very involved with Life in the early days (1970s) and Nuala was the caring, human face which inspired us to work for many years with the organisation.

Chris and Dilys Barrell

An inspirational lady who started off in Leamington at the onset of the abortion act, helping pregnant ladies who were in difficulty.
I feel very privileged to have known Nuala during this time and throughout the setting up of the Life centres and, especially, the help line.
‘From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks’
My thoughts and prayers are with Jack and all the family.

Joyce Marshall – Leeds

I (Sid Garland) and my wife Jean here in Belfast will always be thankful for the privilege of knowing Nuala Scarisbrick. Nuala combined charm and warmth with boundless energy. She was an outstanding public speaker, an untiring campaigner, a woman of compassion and a true professional. She became an encouraging friend to us right from the beginning of Life Northern Ireland in 1980. We worked very closely with Nuala (and Jack) for the next seven years until we were called into mission work in Nigeria. We are thankful that the Scarisbricks continued to encourage and guide the Life team here in NI.
Nuala was a God-send to the prolife cause when it was on the verge of being overwhelmed in Northern Ireland. With her help, Life played a key role in preventing the 67 Abortion Act from being introduced to NI for the next 40 years.
Nuala could debate with pro-choice (pro-abortion) people. She saw and could argue that abortion was not good for women, not good for their mental health after having an abortion, but not good either for their social and family life. A girl who could be pressurized into abortion was a girl open to appalling abuse. Having a baby on the other hand gave her freedom and dignity. But Nuala could argue these issues far better than I (as a man) ever could.
Nuala could debate with medics – she was on top of the detail. Nuala could argue with politicians. She could see through the Conservatives who said one thing and did another. She saw that Labour was more in favour of abortion in theory but in practice had more compassion and practical action to help those facing a crisis pregnancy. Nuala knew that politics is the art of the possible and so she understood the value of an incremental approach and was always ready to fight for small victories. It is a well-established fact that 100,000 lives were saved by holding the line against the 67 Abortion Act being extended to Northern Ireland. In terms of the whole of the UK, that was a small victory. But in the lives of those children who were allowed to live, waaoh, we cannot estimate the importance.
Nuala could hold her own on any platform. I well remember going with her to the studio of Ulster Television (UTV/ITV) to be interviewed together on the Evening News by Gloria Hunniford. It was a new experience for me. I will never forget that I was thrown a question and had one of those terrible mind blanks (the result of stage fright). But Nuala saved the day and represented the pro-life cause with warmth and wisdom.
Nuala understood how to navigate the concerns and sensitivities of people of different faiths and none. Entering into a situation (in Northern Ireland at least) where opposition to abortion had been seen by the media as a “Catholic” issue, Nuala was able to emphasise that Life was a non-religious organisation. This helped people like myself to be clear that in joining Life we were not compromising strongly-held religious convictions. Rather we were “co-belligerents” working together across a divided society. We fought shoulder to shoulder for a common cause affecting the whole of society.
At the same time, Nuala and Jack encouraged myself and Dr John Ling in the formation of the specialist grouping within Life, Evangelicals for Life. This helped us to mobilise the broad spectrum of evangelical churches and their members and to join with others in making sure that all the main political parties had a united front to oppose the introduction of the 67 Abortion Act.
Nuala had courage. In the 1980s, Maggie Thatcher was the hate figure of the day (at least in many quarters on this side of the Irish Sea) because of her approach to the Northern Ireland troubles and the Hunger Strikes. Nuala came to visit us in May 1981 right in the midst of the high-tension days surrounding the death of Bobby Sands. Jean cannot forget driving this English woman around a bend in Dungiven to be met by the IRA with guns on the streets checking vehicles. Through it all, Nuala helped us to stay calm and carry on, encouraging our fledgling Belfast branch and team of counsellors, and proceeding with us to launch two strong branches of Life in Derry and Newry.
We thank God for Nuala and lament her passing. We extend our deepest sympathy to Jack and to the whole family, and indeed to the whole Life family who have lost a leader and a friend.

Rev Dr Sid Garland, former Chairman of Life NI and co-founder of Evangelicals for Life and Mrs Jean Garland, former Caring Officer of Life NI.

Nuala was warm, caring, compassionate, and inspirational. She touched so many lives, and I count it a real privilege to have known her. She will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Nuala. With love.

Revd Lynda Rose

We thank God for Nuala’s passion and vision. I remember clearly when Nuala and Jack came to speak at Oscott College, and what an inspiration they both were. May she rest in peace.

Fr Simon Penhalagan

With love to you all
At this difficult time
From Gillian Cullen nee
One of your girls 🙂
Who stayed with you and had a lovely son who was adopted to two wonderful parents
Thank you for a safe home
During a difficult time in my life
Sending warm hugs to Emma and Sarah
And of course Jack xx

Gillian Cullen

Dear Jack and family, ‘Nuala’ how can we pay adequate tribute to such a remarkable person, a light has gone from your life and from that of the ‘Life’ family. Nuala with her wonderful smile that lit up the room, her capacity to welcome and put everyone she met at ease her laughter, the fun we had at your house in the evening during Life conference, but of course she will be remembered for her compassion for the unborn and their mothers facing difficulties, The biggest tribute anyone can pay her is to continue the work you both started 51 years ago. I wold like to finish with the statement made at the close of the ‘Life’ service in York Mister in 2000.
“ When the time comes, as it surely will, when we face that final moment, the final judgement I have often felt as Bishop Foulton Sheen wrote, it must be a terrible moment of loneliness.
You have no advocates, you are alone standing before God and terror will grip your soul like nothing you can imagine.
But I really think that those who work in the pro-life movement will not be alone. I think there will be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world- and they will plead for everyone who has been in this movement.
They will say to God “ Spare her because she loved us” …………and God will look at her and say
But………………….DID YOU TRY?
May Nuala now enjoy her just reward. God Bless you all

Margaret and George Lee Darlington ‘LIFE’

I was so sorry to hear of Nuala’s death and would like to offer my sincere condolences.
I began pro life campaigning even as the infamous 1967 Act was being foisted upon us.When I came to live in Manchester that
activity continued and I was one of the first people to work in the Life Office when it opened in Stockport.We were all very much inspired
by Jack and Nuala.
With sincere sympathy and prayers.

Veronica Harrison

Dear Nuala, may you rest in peace. God bless you for the love, courage, determination and compassion that you showed in all the work you did to support vulnerable mothers and their babies. You were a shining light. Thankyou! My condolences to you Jack and your lovely family. May God give you comfort and peace.

Jane Fetherston

Rest in eternal peace nuala , you brightened up everyones lifes with your hard work❤️ May you rest easy 🤍

My sincere sympathies to Professor Jack and his family on the death of Nuala. I had the privilege of meeting her as a member of Leicester LIFE and of hearing her speak at many meetings and conferences. All who heard her wished that they had her clarity of speech and her ability to answer any question, from friend or foe, whilst retaining her dignity and resolution. Nuala was a stalwart of the movement, along with Jack and it’s doubtful it would have continued so successfully, as it has, without their tremendous input.
I wish Jack and all the family peace and resilience, as they face life without Nuala but remember happier times. May God bless you all.

Catherine Morrison

I am sorry to read of the death of Nuala; she was a wonderful lady, doing so much to promote the sacredness of life. She and her husband Jack worked extremely hard to protect the life of vulnerable people. It also has to be said that Jack’s Henry VIII is still one of the best biographies of the king. I am a priest and will offer Mass for Nuala. May she rest in peace.

Fr. Philip Graham Seed

Such sad news… Nuala was a lovely, kind and caring lady and through her determination and drive what amazing work has been achieved during her lifetime. Her memory will live on for many years to come through the work of LIFE. May she rest in peace.

My sincere condolences to Jack and family for their loss.

Nikki O’Neill

May the Lord welcome you with open arms for all the good that you have throughout your earthly life. Rest in Peace. Amen

Inspiring, tireless and Life saving. What a legacy! She will deservedly Rest In Peace.

Joseph Rice

She made the world a better place.

Irene Wells

God be with you Nuala; thank you for all you have done.

Malcolm Meddings

I was deeply saddened by the news of Nuala’s death. Deepest condolences to Jack, Emma and Sarah.
Nuala was a remarkable lady. May she rest in peace.

Elaine Hall

I just had the opportunity of meeting Nuala and Jack once, when I was invited to speak at a Life conference almost twenty years ago. I was struck then by Nuala’s compassion and integrity. Eternal rest grant to her, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine on her. May she rest in peace.

Neville Cobbe

I only met Nuala on a couple of occasions but she was a warm & welcoming lady. My heartfelt condolences go to the whole family. God bless you all. Xx

Shirley Brown

Our heartfelt condolences to Jack and the family – how privileged you were to have known Nuala for decades as wife, mother, grandmother ……

How thankful we were to have known Nuala, for so many years, the châtelaine of Life House and matriarch of the Life family.

To know her was to admire her. Tireless defender of the unborn, formidable organiser, generous host, steadfast friend, gifted teacher, driver of ideas, fount of fun.

She was a great encourager – in the early 1980s, she cheered on many of us to form Evangelicals for Life to broaden the pro-life constituency in the UK. She was a splendid realist – when we told her we wanted to form the Aberystwyth Life Group, her response was that nonchalant, ‘Oh, you want to give it a go do you?’ but then reassuringly she came for a weekend to train us in Life education, caring and political advocacy. She was almost Wonder Woman!

How we loved her – how we will now miss her.

‘Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants’ (Psalm 116:15).

John and Wendy Ling, Aberystwyth.

Nuala Scarisbrick – woman of the century! We are so proud to have known and worked with such a dynamic and charismatic lady. Her legacy to women all over the country and from generation to generation is impossible to quantify. We at Blackpool life are bereft!
I know that we will meet again and hope to meet her merrily in heaven.

Mary and Tony Hetherington

Jesus came that “we might have life, and life in all its fullness”. What a wonderful example – championing the life of the unborn and providing support to mothers to be, for whom pregnancy can present what might to them seem insurmountable challenges. No challenges in life for which our wonderful Saviour cannot provide a solution. What a wonderful example through Nuala’s life and work.

It was such a privilege to know Nuala and Jack, beginning with my days as an assistant priest in Leamington. Nuala really did live the Gospel to the full in so many ways, a true servant of the Kingdom who joyfully and willingly carried her cross. Although it will not be possible for me to be present at the Requiem, I will certainly offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for Nuala. May she rest in peace.

Bishop David J Oakley, Bishop of Northampton

Nuala, our inspiration, our backbone and our example – we will miss you very much ,most sincere condolences to Jack and family

Rita Mead, live member since the early days

I was a Trustee of Life for 10 years and Nuala was always charming and welcoming to me personally and displayed her kind and generous
nature whenever I visited her and Jack at their home. Nuala and Jack`s values are mine and, as I now chair a very successful third world
charity in central Africa, I am reminded constantly of Nuala and Jack`s tireless work for the unborn who are also under threat where we work.
Our charity is pro life and we will relentlessly carry that banner in our work. Thank you Nuala for all you did for the innocents unborn children,
you were always such an inspiration and history will show you as a great social reformer.

Ted Fawcett

Darling Mum – I can’t believe you’ve gone – I am going to miss you so much. You’re my inspiration, my role model and my rock. You’ve taught me everything. We spoke everyday – often more than once – you loved me and I love you with all my heart ❤️. You are free now of the hideous altzheimers which you bore with dignity and serenity and I know you are being beautiful and utterly fabulous in heaven. I love you darling Mum and I look forward to continuing my chats with you in my prayers and when we meet again in heaven ♥️♥️

Emma Brambell

With love and prayers from Mary Atkinson. I met Nuala when I attended Life Conferences and meetings. I will always remember her as a beautiful soul. My sympathy to all the family and what a wonderful legacy she has left.

Nuala was an amazing woman. One of my abiding memories of her is from the National LIFE Conferences which I attended form the early 80s as part of a small group of delegates from LIFE NI. Nuala’s presence permeated the whole event but I like to think of her standing in the lobby of the conference hotel with Jack, graciously and warmly welcoming us – and all the delegates, so many of whom she knew well – when we would arrive on the Friday, her smile and distinctive voice almost the first thing I would notice on entering the hotel!
Nuala paid many visits to Northern Ireland over the years, for events and meetings, both with Jack and on her own. She was always willing to come to support and encourage us and also at times to stir us up and spur us into action! It was a privilege to have known her. We are thankful for all she has done for LIFE and the legacy she has left.

Vivien Hunter, Life NI

Eternal rest grant unto Nuala, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.

Trudi Morrissey

A full life very well lived. Her enthusiasm, energy and devotionto the Prolife cause was a wonderful example to us all. May she rest in peace. Prayers for her, for Jack and for her family.

Yvonne Windsor

Darling Mum – I can’t believe you’ve gone – I am going to miss you so much. You’re my inspiration, my role model and my rock. You’ve taught me everything. We spoke everyday – often more than once – you loved me and I love you with all my heart ❤️. You are free now of the hideous altzheimers which you bore with dignity and serenity and I know you are being beautiful and utterly fabulous in heaven. I love you darling Mum and I look forward to continuing my chats with you in my prayers and when we meet again in heaven ♥️♥️

Emma Brambell

Darling Mum – I can’t believe you’ve gone – I am going to miss you so much. You’re my inspiration, my role model and my rock. You’ve taught me everything. We spoke everyday – often more than once – you loved me and I love you with all my heart ❤️. You are free now of the hideous altzheimers which you bore with dignity and serenity and I know you are being beautiful and utterly fabulous in heaven. I love you darling Mum and I look forward to continuing my chats with you in my prayers and when we meet again in heaven ♥️♥️

Emma Brambell

Condolence to the family of Nuala, who done so much to save the lives of precious babies. Her reward will be great in heaven. May Jesus have mercy on her gentle soul, RIP Nuala

Veronica McHugh, Luton

Darling Mum – I can’t believe you’ve gone – I am going to miss you so much. You’re my inspiration, my role model and my rock. You’ve taught me everything. We spoke everyday – often more than once – you loved me and I love you with all my heart ❤️. You are free now of the hideous altzheimers which you bore with dignity and serenity and I know you are being beautiful and utterly fabulous in heaven. I love you darling Mum and I look forward to continuing my chats with you in my prayers and when we meet again in heaven ♥️♥️

Emma Brambell

So sad to have just heard this news. You will always be remembered for the wonderful work you have done and for the shining example you have given. You will be greatly missed. May you rest in eternal light and hear the words of Pur Lord addressed to you, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”
Condolences to all your family.

Eileen Clare Grant

In the early days of LIFE I attended a conference in Leamington and lunch break was in your home. We all mucked in to help and it was so relaxed.
I was touched by Jack and Nuala’s willingness to have such an open home for others and this has caused me to have the same attitude to mine.
Jesus comfort you in your loss.
Susan S.

Very sorry to hear about the passing of this wonderful lady. May she rest in peace. Condolences to all the

Ken Purdie.

Dear Family
Sending love and prayers on your sad loss.
Your contribution to saving lives has been enormous.
God bless

Rosaleen Burke

With ongoing admiration and thanks for Nuala’s life, achievements and every soul she touched.

Julia Bray ( Winchester Life)

Fond memories of a wonderful woman who combined ease with determination, strength with kindness, tenacity with warmth, always welcoming, generous and with fun or laughter close by. May she enter into eternal life adorned with her inner goodness and with her many, many good and influential deeds. Prayers for Nuala and for Jack and all the family.

Bill Burleigh

Nuala will long be remembered as a valiant advocate for the sanctity of motherhood, and many mothers in difficult circumstances will have cause to be grateful to her. May she rest in peace and rise in glory, and may her husband and children be comforted and sustained by the sure and certain hope of resurrection.

Michael Kemp

We are proud to be able to continue Nuala’s vision and to carry on doing so in her memory especially through our volunteer work as part of Life’s Pregnancy Matters Online Services team.
With love and prayers from all the Life members and supporters of the Life Group in Lancaster. May she rest in peace.

I’m seeing very dark things in Ireland now but this lady had such beautiful eyes and the eyes are the window to the soul and may she rest in peace !
I dedicate this to her : You Tube – St. Petersburg Chamber Choir – Our Father – Sacred Treasures III . Is there a God , I dont know but I know this Lady was on the side of what is Right and I know Women who have suffered so much because of making a very bad choice .

Kevin – Portarlington Irelane

Paula and I shall never know in this life how deep was the inspiration which led Nuala to join with Jack in founding Life, so that it would be an organization of people fully committed to the pro-life cause without any reserve, and fully committed to helping everybody (but especially mothers) to accept and welcome children both before and after their birth, and to avoid succumbing to the heedless and loveless rejection of life that is a mark of the present age. Our profound thanks go to Nuala — may she rest in peace. We shall continue to pray for her, and for all of her family.

Christopher and Paula Flynn

Nuala and Jack were the inspiration for the awakening and fruition of my prolife stance as a nurse in my late teens ( and later a midwife). Sadly due to current laws in Scotland I can no longer practice as a midwife in good conscience but have found a new vocation caring for and promoting the sanctity of life in the elderly population.
I am humbled to hear that Jack and Nuala often took young women into their home to support them. What Grace they have.
To Him be the Glory.
Rest in peace Nuala,good and faithful servant.

Elisabeth Bailey

Special memories of Nuala – I remember Nuala’s face lit up with interest and compassion for others, a gentle lady.
I had the privilege of getting to know Nuala and Jack over a visit to Leamington Spa (round about the year 2000) to train as a Life Speaker.
Nuala and Jack put me up at their home and upon arrival invited my husband and me to a wonderful evening meal. One of their daughters was present also. My husband Michael and I recall that evening with great fondness.
Nuala’s passion for Life alongside her husband Jack was evident.
May Nuala rest in peace and her husband & family be comforted.

Linda Saunders – Doncaster Life (1995 to 2007), now Ipswich.

Nuala was and will continue to be an inspiration.
Love and prayers for her, Jack and the family.

Judith Smeaton, York

Thank you, Nuala. You were a visionary and a model for our times. Your achievements with Jack make me so proud to have known you.

Melanie Springett

We all love you dearly in our hearts forever and always nuala ann scarisbrick and sincerely will be missed by all your close family and friends

Laura Godwin

Nuala was a very fine lady, and an exemplary Christian woman. She fought for the pro-life cause, that is, for unborn children and their mums, with courage and great compassion.

May Nuala already have heard the golden words, ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant!’

We send our deepest sympathy to Jack, and to his and Nuala’s family and close friends.

Marie and Lawrence Logue
(We were closely involved with Life West of Scotland for many years.)

Nuala was a formidable defender of the unborn and has inspired a whole movement after her. I pray that she will be richly rewarded in the Kingdom of God.

Philip Campbell

Owing to old age I am unable to attend the funeral mass for Nuala today, but will be present at mass today at my local church. I have warm memories of her from my active days in Lifes May she Rest in Peace.

Kevin Healey

Nuala, thank you for standing up for women and babies and giving women a real choice. You have been an inspiration and will continue to be.
God bless your family as they continue this part of the journey without you. May you rest in peace.

Anne-Marie Maher-Williams

Nuala was a brave and wonderful woman and a powerful advocate for LIFE. May she rest in peace.

Fr. Aidan Murraysdb

Thank God for her courage, tenacity and endurance over many years. Simply said, ‘Life became Nuala’s life’.
Nuala Scarisbrick, ‘In Paradisum Deducant Te Angeli’ – ‘May the Angels lead you to Paradise’.

Mrs Geraldine Dobson – Darlington

Fond memories of a wonderful governor colleague, who worked tirelessly to raise the profile of Trinity School. It was a joy to work with her and Life. When visiting my home town of St Helens I would often visit the Life charity shop, where Nuala was spoken of with great affection. Rest in peace Nuala. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

Gratton Mulcrow

The marriage of Jack and Nuala Scarisbrick was one inspired by a love for each other, a love of life itself, and a love for the God whose own creative dynamic was reflected in a desire for all sentient beings to become conscious shareholders and stakeholders in that experience.
‘Life’ has been an inspired expression of the maxim that ‘all life matters’, a recognition that, tragically, many an innocent unborn is denied the natural justice to raise a finger, let alone protest, in the option to participate in the profundity of our gracious planet. Nuala was a living expression of this advocacy of the right to life, supported by Jack, a much respected academic and man of faith. Jack and Nuala’s public response to those those of his students who had wished the couple well on the occasion of their marriage in the 60s, was to thank them “from the bottom of our hearts”. Thank you both, Nuala and Jack, for your high profile partnership in inspiring so many to recognise that life is sacred from conception to its natural conclusion. Yours has been a “marriage made in heaven”…a debt of gratitude is owed to you both by so many…God Bless…

John Berryman (a former student of Jack’s at Queen Mary College, London, who has benefitted from the wisdom inspired by ‘Life’)

What an amazing woman.
She lived life to the full and used all her God-given gifts and talents to help others.
She ran the race to the end.
Your loss will be great but your memories of her, and the legacy she left, live on.
God bless you in your sorrow, but also in your pride and joy in having known and loved this wonderful woman.

Peter & Suzanne Hughes (supporters of Life)

Members of North West Kent Life Group based in Dartford (now Friends of Life) offer our condolences to Jack and the family on the death of Nuala. May God rest her soul and comfort you in your grief.

Rebecca Luton

What a ‘good and faithful servant’ an inspiration to us all. May she rest in peace.

Member of Life

A wonderful example of what it means to be pro-life. Courageous and compassionate. May she rest in peace.

Pravin Thevathasan

Dear Nuala
I’m one of your Life babies – January 1973.
Thank you ❤️

Rest in perfect peace

Claire / Zena

Dear Jack and family,
Thank you for your beautiful wife and mother who embraced the babies in the womb – the ones with the least rights in our fallen world.
May God welcome her into heaven with a standing ovation from the Church triumphant!
Well done thou good and faithful servant Nuala, the Rose of Tralee x
Trudi Denham and family (Blackpool Life)

Trudi Denham

Nuala was a wonderful colleague on the governors of Trinity School.

Professor Robert Jackson