Life’s glossary

Language is important, especially when we are talking about sensitive issues. Life’s glossary is here to help you understand what we mean. Whether you’re reading one of our blogs or looking at our impact page, we use some terms in a specific way – especially when it comes to pregnancy. Check back here to get to the bottom of what we mean when we say…

Crisis pregnancy

A pregnancy can be a crisis for many different reasons. For a client facing a crisis pregnancy, their pregnancy, or the pregnancy of someone they know, causes a temporary or long-term disruption. This is because of their individual circumstances. A client is classified as facing a crisis pregnancy only if their pregnancy is confirmed.

Possible pregnancy

We class some clients as presenting with ‘possible pregnancy’. What does this mean? For many clients, the ‘crisis’ comes before they even know they are pregnant. What they present to the listener are several signs that show there is a huge chance they are pregnant – they just haven’t confirmed it yet. Grappling with the possibility they might be pregnant, clients come to Pregnancy Matters™  in this time of uncertainty for them. They need a space to talk to someone in confidence about what is happening for them, someone to walk beside them in this time of need.


An abortion can effect people in different ways. Clients who receive support from us following a termination present when they feel ready. It could be a few days after the abortion or many years later. A post-abortion client can be the woman herself but also her partner, a parent or friend, a professional – anyone impacted by the abortion.

Pregnancy loss

Studies estimate that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. 1 in 225 pregnancies ends in stillbirth. Pregnancy loss marks the lives of not only the mother-to-be but also the father, or grandparent-to-be. Whether a baby has been lost through miscarriage, stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy, we will walk with that client through their story, their pain and their grief.

Other clients

Some client come to us already affirmed in their pregnancy but have some issues around what is happening for them. This could range from severe morning sickness to changing body shape or anything in between. Clients that are under this heading need to talk to us to be able to let someone know how they are feeling in the ‘here and now’.

Practical support

Clients or referral agencies contact Pregnancy Matters™ looking for practical support. Life provides a range of practical support from housing to baby and maternity clothing, from breast pumps and pads to cots and prams. If a client needs material goods, we will do our utmost to ensure that they receive the high quality goods they need to take care of themselves and their baby.

Terms of Service

All clients hear our terms of service prior to entering into any full relationship with us. It makes clear the parameters of the relationship between clients and our staff Pregnancy Matters™ and volunteers. Our full terms of service can be read here. We are committed to these terms of service to ensure transparency and quality of care provision.

Counsellor and skilled listener

When we use these terms, we do not take them lightly. All counsellors and skilled listeners have received training. Their qualifications are appropriate to the level of support they provide clients. These qualifications are provided by nationally recognise awarding bodies such as NCFE or CPCAB. All of our counsellors and skilled listeners adhere to the ethical guidelines set by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and Helplines Partnership. They receive regular supervision, CPD and training.