Pregnancy support charity Life launches Emergency Appeal to assist women in unexpected pregnancies during cost-of-living crisis

The pregnancy support charity Life is launching its Emergency Appeal to assist women in crisis with unexpected pregnancies during cost-of-living pressures.

The number of abortions in England and Wales has reached a record high, with a quarter of a million abortions in a year, directly correlated with the cost-of-living crisis. The financial climate makes it more difficult than ever to have children, with recent studies by BPAS finding that financial factors influenced the decision to have an abortion for six in ten women.

Life supports women who are experiencing traumatic circumstances who become unexpectedly pregnant. They could be facing homelessness, experiencing domestic abuse, or simply living below the poverty line and unable to provide for themselves.

Kerry Smart, Life CEO, said, “It is a tragedy that so many women in the most unimaginable of circumstances are facing unexpected pregnancy without the proper support they need.

“We’re launching our Emergency Appeal to assist women in crisis who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and need support with life-changing decisions. We provide a counselling and skilled listening service which gives a safe space for women to explore and express their feelings, fears, and anxieties. We help women talk through all of their pregnancy options – abortion, parenthood, and adoption – and what these might mean for them. And we help with removing unnecessary barriers to continuing the pregnancy with our non-directive support.

“Emily, one of the thousands of women we helped last year, says: ‘I’m so grateful that I got Life’s help, and for Gemma, my Support Worker, who is like a mother and at the same time a friend. You listen without judgment and provide a safe place. I was afraid while pregnant and abandoned by my child’s father how I would be able to provide for my child and have a future. But the help and donations from supporters have given me hope for the future. I cannot thank you all enough.’

“In addition to helping Emily and her child, here’s the positive difference Life made last year thanks to our generous supporters:

  • We supported an estimated 1,045 women to have their children when they may have felt this was not an option for them.
  • We counselled 5,733 people who needed someone to listen. As they consider their options, they are surrounded by acceptance and a safe place to explore their emotions.
  • We housed 171 women (and their children) who were homeless or unsupported. This means that, at the moment of decision and the transition into parenthood, we are there to help them flourish as a mother.

“We ask you to stand now with the women we support. Join the team creating a world where no one faces unexpected pregnancy alone.”

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