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Northampton House is a three bedroomed shared house. Two rooms have en suite showers. There is a shared bathroom and toilet, kitchen and living room. There is a spacious garden to the rear of the property with play equipment for children.

Upon arrival tenants are required to complete all the necessary information to access housing benefits and are encouraged to set up a direct debit to pay their contribution to the rent. By paying rent regularly tenants are able to show housing providers that they are able to maintain a tenancy. Each tenant will set up a support plan with the support worker and will work to achieving goals. All tenants complete a Life Skills package which equips them for independent living and once again shows housing providers that they are able to maintain a tenancy.

When tenants are ready to move on they are supported to bid for properties with the local authority or to save up a deposit for a private rented property. Once they have moved they receive two visits from the support worker to ensure that they are managing on their own.

There is a high street a short walk away and the town centre is a short bus ride away.


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