The Charity

St Andrews’ students overcome adversity, raising hundreds for Life

Movember4Life has done it again! Throughout November, a group of students from the University of St Andrews Catholic Society put away their razors and grew some cracking moustaches to raise funds for Life. For the second year running, this group of young men chose to support the work of Life by running Movember4Life. They have… Read more »

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When Life Matters® meets Pregnancy Matters™ – my visit to the Slough Life House

My recent visit to one of Life’s supported houses in Slough reinvigorated me with the incredibly important work that is not publicised and celebrated enough and yet constantly and quietly goes on in all Life’s houses. I met its six residents as well as various tots running around the house. A few current clients have young… Read more »

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Rule of the Bully Brigade

In 1965 when Lennart Nilsson published A Child is Born charting pre-natal life from fertilisation to birth, so popular and well-received were the images that the book sold eight million copies in four days. The pictures were so popular they were sent into space on the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes, as part of… Read more »

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