A Letter to Life Charity

We recently received this moving letter from a client in the North of England. She gave us permission to share her story, where she explains some of the ways in which one of our skilled listeners supported her in her time of need.

Read the unabridged letter, below.

Dear Mr Sharpe,

I was one of the Service User/ Client of Life Charity. I am writing this letter to show my appreciation and to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to Life Charity organisation for saving my life.

I was able to go through sessions of counselling with Joyce. Joyce is actually like my own Messiah. I got Life contact through a new friend in 2015 and my life has changed positively since then. My experience with Life Charity is a great one. I use to be like a walking dead, as at 2015 I thought I won’t live to see 2016 because I had a lot of bad experience in the past and have never had a break or rest of mind and peace since I was age 14.

No one has ever listened to me like Joyce. I was pregnant in 2015, homeless, jobless and sad. I have been through many abuse and torture in the past also raped but had no one to address these issues with me. I was a young lady with big burdens and full of pains and bitterness before I met Joyce. I was afraid and also had no confidence. So, for more than 14 years have been suffering, silence and smiling.

I am very grateful to Life Charity because without this organisation I will never meet Joyce. Life Charity has opened many doors for me. Joyce was able to help/assist me to speak out to be heard. It has always been a problem for me to speak out my mind because any time I tell people my problem I always get into another problem. People use my stories against me and took advantage of me in the past. So I became “mute”. I talk to people but always in fear no one knew my mind.

Joyce always give me something to eat every week. Joyce supported me like a family. I have no family in UK, but with Life Charity I was able to get help from the government. Joyce search/check with other organisations that could help my situation. She is indeed an angel. She is a good counsellor and she also applied her experience as a retired midwife and as a good mother to support me. She got me an organisation called PAFRAS where I was able to get another support which helps me know what to do about my status in UK. I got free legal advice and I got to know about asylum. I claimed asylum and was moved to Wakefield for initial accommodation for destitutes. While I was in Wakefield it was only Joyce that came to visit me as a representative of Life Charity. She gave me moral support and always encouraged me.

I was moved on December 17 year 2015 and I thought I won’t get support from Life Charity but to my greatest surprise, Joyce contacted Margaret and they came to give me baby clothes, nappies and baby equipment. I was very happy that I couldn’t hold back tears because I won’t have been able to afford what I got from Life Charity even with NASS support I don’t think I could afford half of all the things Life Charity gave me!

Thanks to Life Charity organisation as a whole and thanks to Joyce she is a good counsellor and support worker. I am so grateful.

I am happy now with my son, Gideon. All I am and everything I have are from Life Charity because your organisation opened doors of many opportunities and help for me.

I hope you will be able to understand my letter as my English is poor. Thanks to Life and thanks to everyone that works for me in Life Charity organisation. I will forever share my experience with Life everywhere I go.

Yours sincerely,



If you or a loved one are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy or are suffering after an abortion, do contact us at Life; we are here to offer on-going practical and emotional support. Call our National Helpline on 0808 802 5433 to talk to one of our counsellors and find out the nearest Life Care Centre to your current location. We can provide free baby clothes, equipment and other practical help to women and families in difficulty.

You are not alone.

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