Crawley Life House tenants grow in confidence through cooking sessions

Life House tenants build skills that enable them to live independently, care for their children, and step into their new role as capable parents and confident women.

One life skill that’s vital for this transition is cooking.

Working with a volunteer from the charity IMPACT, the Crawley Life House tenants receive cooking sessions. These sessions help the clients to:

  • Learn new skills, and build confidence in growing outside their comfort zone.
  • Try new foods, adapt meals, and cook homemade meals.
  • Build confidence, self-esteem, and independence.

The volunteer delivered the sessions over WhatsApp during COVID-19. Below are some of the meals the tenants cooked, with ingredients some of them had never tried before. Congratulations!


One of the tenants said:

“I love how we all have a role to play during the sessions and how we get the recipes sent to us as well. I learnt skills I will take with me when I move into my own place to be able to cook meals on my own and independently.”

A new tenant said:

“It’s great to spent time getting to know the other tenants while cooking.”

A quote from a client who hadn’t eaten a leek before:

“It’s really nice.”

Another tenant said:

“I enjoyed learning to cook a variety of different foods like the fish pie.”

It’s vital that tenants learn skills that they take into independent living. So we were particularly delighted to see this quote and photo from a tenant who remade the recipe after they moved out:

I did it girls 😊

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