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The Charity sector is now higher on the agenda than ever before. It is playing an increasingly important role across society – from campaigning and giving people a voice, through to designing and delivering better public services. At the same time, there is growing recognition that the sector needs to better demonstrate how valuable it is, and the impact it achieves.

For this reason, Life has a Quality Assurance Committee made up of six Employees selected from Finance, Retail, Central Services, Pregnancy Matters™, Life Matters® and the Deputy CEO. The committee meets monthly and uses the ‘Trusted Charity’ system, which is a Quality Assurance assessment for voluntary and other social purpose organisations as a tool to provide a means to analyse Life’s strengths and weaknesses and to set about improving our quality of service.

For funders and stakeholders the Trusted Charity Mark gives confidence that the charity they are working with is not only outward looking, but is inward looking as well ensuring it has processes in place to ensure its own governance and management are complete and up to task.

Level 1 lays the foundation on which to build a strong organisation, which we achieved last financial year, Level 2 requires organisations to be more strategic in their approach to achieving their aims and objectives and requires a systematic approach to planning and monitoring results and a greater focus on outcomes.

In 21 months, the committee has gathered enough evidence to demonstrate that we can apply for the Trusted Charity Accreditation Mark for Level 2 in June this year.

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