New life – a celebration

Happy Easter!

I know that the world feels like a scary place at the moment and that every time we turn on the news, it’s depressing. Therefore, I have decided to write a good-news blog and to focus on some positives from the last few weeks.

Demand for our services

Firstly, the demand for our services has massively increased, both in the number of pregnancy tests and the number of women reaching out to our online services. Whilst it’s not good news that more women are needing our help, it is good news that they’re finding us. I can’t tell you what a fantastic job our Helpliners and Online service staff are doing. In comparison with March last year, the number of pregnancy tests that are going out has gone up from an average of 77 tests a day to an average of 192 every single day. The number of people contacting us about a possible pregnancy has gone up from 50 to 133, and the number contacting us with a confirmed pregnancy has risen from 58 to 88.

You don’t have to take my word for it! Here’s a quote from one of our clients who said:

“Thank you for listening to me … It’s been good to talk to someone who doesn’t know me and doesn’t judge me … I couldn’t have talked to my friends … I feel much more positive and calmer now.  Thank you for listening … It’s been so helpful to have contacted your charity.  I just Googled and found you.  Glad I did.”

New life

Given that this time of the year is usually about celebrating life, and especially new life, I’d also like to celebrate with you the fact that 12 babies have been born in our houses this month – this includes one set of twins (that’s them in the picture above!).

I was able to share these figures with our co-founder, Professor Jack Scarisbrick MBE, who said:

“All life is precious … I congratulate all concerned and at least out of this horrible crisis, some good has come and that the Life Pregnancy Matters™ service is now able to serve society even more diligently than it’s been in the past. So thank you and congratulations. That is really good news.”

As someone who works for Life, it is wonderful and truly humbling to hear how much of a difference our services really can make in people’s lives.

During this Easter time, I hope you’ll join me in thanking our front-line staff for the sterling job they’re doing in the most difficult of circumstances.

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