“The Life House saved my life”. One client’s story.

23 year old, Lily*, fled domestic violence. Here is her account of how Life was there for her.

I fled domestic violence

“Hi my name is Lily* I currently live in a Life house. Before moving into the Life house I lived in a hostel and before that a B&B.

I fled domestic violence with my daughter. If the Life house wasn’t around I don’t know where I would be -probably still in the hostel, which was vile. It was mixed with men (which I think was wrong) and you see some nasty stuff.

I feel safe

In the Life house I feel safe and at ease. I can’t thank them enough for letting me in, me and my daughter have a place we can call home for a little while until we get our forever home.

The support I’ve had from my support worker have been amazing! Whenever I need them they are there for me, life before was horrendous and the Life house was my escape.

So thankful

I truly am so thankful that places like this exist for young women. I’ve met some lovely ladies and my daughter has made some friends. To know I have a safe place to go home to is so comforting. We need more homes like this for women across the country. They do a fantastic job keeping girls like me safe and off the streets.

Seeing her happy makes me happy

My daughter loves it. We have a huge bed to share – she thinks we’re in a hotel, she loves sleeping with me! Her words are “mummy we can sleep together all the time I love it when I can cuddle you in bed”. Seeing her happy makes me happy. 

I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t in the Life house. It’s saved my life.”

I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t in the Life house. It’s saved my life. Click To Tweet

*Different name to protect the client’s identity


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